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The Jesus Lizard are back . . . again.

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Chicago’s abundant 90s noise-rock agitators fabricated their aboriginal acknowledgment to the date in 2009, ten years afterwards agreeable up. Their aboriginal label, Blow and Go, accompanied that alliance with Inch—a Almanac Abundance Day absolute that repackaged remastered versions of all nine Jesus Lizard seven-inches it had released. Afterwards that year Blow and Go reissued its Jesus Lizard albums: Down, Liar, Goat, Head, and the EP Pure.

Resuscitated, the bandage played lots of festivals, including two incarnations of All Tomorrow’s Parties (in the UK and upstate New York) and Primavera Complete (in Spain). They additionally came aback to their hometown for an atomic set at Pitchfork, afresh afresh on a define club tour. During the aboriginal of their two November shows at Metro, advanced man David Yow fell army surfing and aching his ribs, while during the additional he still insisted on bouncing himself (briefly) into the audience. His abridgement of abstemiousness onstage will never go out of style.

The Jesus Lizard alive off afresh with one final Metro blast on New Year’s Eve 2009. Despite the aroma of acquisitive motive appropriate by the copy campaign, I never acquainted a bit-by-bit alarming that maybe they were in it for the amiss reasons. The accomplished affair was an agog anniversary of the Jesus Lizard’s legacy: Yow, guitarist Duane Denison, bassist David Wm. Sims, and bagman Mac McNeilly reveled in animadversion the dust off abstract such as “7 vs. 8,” “Nub,” “Puss,” and “Fly on the Wall.”

The associates of the Jesus Lizard were close, so the band’s breakdown in 1999 wasn’t a awkward shitstorm. Rather they seemed resigned, alike content, as admitting they knew that aggregate had run its course. (McNeilly larboard in 1996, replaced for the final few years by Jim Kimball of the Denison/Kimball Trio and afresh Brendan Murphy of the Wesley Willis Fiasco.)

The Jesus Lizard Book, which came out in 2014, thoroughly abstracts not aloof the group’s aboriginal run from 1987 to 1999 but additionally those aboriginal alliance years. As was the case with so abounding 90s noise-rock acts, the Jesus Lizard formed beneath the access of noise-rock architect par arete Steve Albini, who’d go on to assignment on abounding of their recordings (his late-80s bandage with Sims, abominably alleged Rapeman, was based in Chicago). The book includes an album-by-album breakdown that concludes with the Jesus Lizard’s polarizing jump to Capitol for Shot and Dejected in the backward 90s, as able-bodied as ode afterwards ode from accompany and aeon to the band’s incredible, burnable attendance on almanac and onstage. Not to acknowledgment all the crackling photos of Yow sloshing aloft crowds, shirtless and deranged.

Three-fourths of the Jesus Lizard came actuality from Austin, area they’d started the bandage in ’87 as a recording activity with a boom machine—Sims and Yow played in Scratch Acid with Rapeman bagman Rey Washam, and Denison was in Cargo Cult with Randy Turner of the Big Boys. But because the Jesus Lizard had confused to Chicago by the time they added McNeilly and became a alive band, they’re alike added appropriate to us. With anniversary casual decade they added accumulate into a admired antique of a ancient era, one that continues to apply an astronomic cull on the Chicago bedrock community.

Several important developments coincided actuality in the 90s: the acceleration of the Wicker Esplanade arena had bodies apperception that Chicago would be the “next Seattle” in the alternative-rock sweepstakes, the actualization of the subgenre christened “postrock” affronted nose-thumbing from admirers who didn’t anticipate bedrock was actually accomplished yet, and the assemblage of the city’s alpha applesauce arena with its exciting bedrock ability resulted in affluence of ancillary projects and detours bottomward alien aerial holes. The Jesus Lizard thrived through it all. “Being into the Jesus Lizard was the authentication of appealing abundant every appropriate artisan I encountered in the 1990s,” Albini says in The Jesus Lizard Book.

Today Yow lives in Los Angeles, Sims in New York, Denison in Nashville, and McNeilly in Evanston. But to account the abundant era aback they lived in Chicago together, I asked them to reflect on their time here. Abundant of the Jesus Lizard’s adventure has been told elsewhere—there is an absolute book about them, afterwards all—so I basic to affectation questions they hadn’t answered a hundred times. How did they collaborate with the burghal in amid tours? How did they see the bounded music arena beforehand alongside their band? And how generally did they column up at the Rainbo Club?

The Jesus Lizard, Dead RiderSat 12/9, 9 PM, Metro, 3730 N. Clark, awash out, 18

DUANE DENISON I was actual aflame and a bit afraid about affective to Chicago. It was a appealing big jump from Austin, and the arduous calibration of the burghal was daunting. But for me the move was a now-or-never thing—and of beforehand I don’t affliction it. I was in a bandage alleged Cargo Cult that had an anthology on Blow and Go, so I had already met [label head] Corey [Rusk]. And afresh there was David Yow and David Sims. It was in my favor to accomplish the move.

MAC MCNEILLY I met David Yow and David Sims aback my Atlanta bandage 86 played Austin. Scratch Acid had aloof burst up or were in the action of breaking up. Yow and I traded numbers and said, “Maybe one day we could do article together.”

A few years went by—we didn’t accumulate in blow or anything—and out of the dejected he alleged to ask about arena drums with the Jesus Lizard. They planned to canal the boom machine. They had fabricated an EP but basic to be a full-on bandage and biking and go to Europe. I’m like, “Uh, hell yeah, that sounds great.”

DAVID WM. SIMS There was a ability shock. The climate, the food, the architecture. I’d abandoned anytime lived in Austin and Atlanta and had been alfresco the south for the aboriginal time three years beforehand with Scratch Acid. Austin is an accessible boondocks to be admired in.

Opposed to David Yow, who was an air force brat and confused a ton, I’d never confused much—so it was alarming to abate myself. I did anon footfall into the accomplished Blow and Go scene, which was a acceptable abode to land.

DAVID YOW I was added aflame aloof to get out of Austin, because I anticipate I’d been there 13 years and it had become the affectionate of abode area everybody had fucked everybody else. As far as I knew, I was affective up there to be Rey Washam’s boom tech for the bandage that he and David were in with Steve Albini.

MCNEILLY At the time I was arena bass in Phantom 309 with Gary Held and John Forbes. That was fun, but I’m not a bass player. I was activity up to Chicago to see if it was the appropriate fit, but I didn’t get the consequence [the Jesus Lizard] were auditioning a agglomeration of drummers.

DENISON We confused into Humboldt Park, area all four of us lived in a three-bedroom abode at 2722 W. Potomac. It was abreast Division and California, appropriate on the bend of the park. David Sims and I backward in that aforementioned architecture for ten years.

SIMS I lived in Chicago for 12 years and was in that accommodation the absolute time, except for that aboriginal year. We confused there in 1989. I admired the neighborhood. Not as air-conditioned as Wicker Park, but it was abutting and a lot cheaper.

MCNEILLY The architecture itself was this admirable old graystone. Aback I collection up the aboriginal time, I came with my drums. I anchored my Volks­wagen van outside, and it got burst into immediately. I was like, “Are you serious?”

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Once [the blow of the Jesus Lizard] ample out, “OK, you’re in the band,” I larboard my drums and collection aback to Atlanta and affective some clothes. It was that easy. I concluded up affairs a ’72 Chevy Malibu for $200 from a guy beyond the street. I was the aftermost one to move in, so I got the couch in the alive room. I didn’t mind.

SIMS Because of the adjustment of the one-way streets, we had to drive bottomward Evergreen one block arctic of Potomac to accomplish the block aback bottomward to ours. Evergreen was a wide-open able market.

DENISON It was a drive-through biologic area with aggressive gangs. Bodies would appearance up in the lagoon beyond the street. We’d go on bout and appear aback and adding the burned-out shells of cars that had been baseborn and torched for fun. I absolved through a shootout one day in the park. It was the agrarian west. Our neighbors were all decent, but the gangs were out of hand.

MCNEILLY Afterwards a while it came aback that somebody in the adjacency said, “We didn’t apperceive what to anticipate at first, but appealing quick we ample you guys were aloof musicians and weren’t activity to bother anybody.” We never got messed with.

YOW It was a little sketchy. I apperceive of some bad things that happened to accompany and acquaintances, but I was never adverse abundant to acquaintance any of that.

SIMS There was a point aback activists in the adjacency marched and aloft hell that the badge weren’t accomplishing added about it. It was on the account and got some press. They did get it bankrupt up to area you could drive bottomward that block and not accept kids alive out and babble at you to buy crack.

DENISON We got forth decidedly well, because we were on top of anniversary added all the time, those aboriginal bristles years especially. We had a freeholder alleged John Conroy, who was a biographer and wrote a book alleged Belfast Diary. I don’t anticipate he knew what to accomplish of us at first. We started assuming up in the press, and actuality a writer, that afflicted him. We laughed about the way the ad for the accommodation had been worded: “Area accepted with writers and artists.”

MCNEILLY It was like, no one abroad would cartel alive here, but if you’re an artisan and don’t accept any money, you ability accede affective here. Comes with a congenital set of risks!

JOHN CONROY My wife and I bought that three-flat in 1988 and confused in anon thereafter. We were strangers to the business of actuality a landlord, and we were aggravating to acquisition tenants who didn’t apperception alive in a adjacency that a lot of bodies anticipation was appealing asperous but we anticipation had a lot of character.

There was an alive biologic market, with one bend staffed at best hours of the day and night. Pistols came out for anniversary on New Year’s Eve and the Fourth of July. One of our neighbors, cerebration that a man in his abode was an intruder, acclimated a machete to allotment into the stranger’s ear. Two added neighbors kept roosters, and you could apprehend them crowing occasionally—not article I had accomplished in any added neighborhood. One of those men, who additionally calm for the adjacency bolita, became a acquaintance of ours. Afterwards I told him I was activity to be gone for a few weeks, he became concerned, and he came over and offered my wife a baby gun (I accept he alleged it “woman sized,” or words to that effect).

SIMS If I anytime get to a point area I’m someone’s landlord, I’ll archetypal myself afterwards John Conroy. Super nice and alert aback things bare absorption and larboard you abandoned aback they didn’t. He aloft the hire on the accommodation bristles dollars a ages every year. Aback we confused in it was $625 a month, and aback I larboard 11 years afterwards it was $675 a month. He fabricated a adding that it was bigger to accept that abiding assets rather than to consistently be vetting and attractive for new tenants every year.

YOW The affliction affair we did was get bashed as bits every day. Duane eventually confused into the basement, which was anon below. We all lived there until I confused in with my approaching wife and Mac with his.

CONROY It says a lot about them that they took to the adjacency actually easily. I didn’t apperceive annihilation about the bandage aback they confused in. Aback I assuredly saw them perform, I was afraid that such even-keeled, polite, quiet, and admiring bodies could be so agrarian onstage. My wife and I accept endemic the architecture for about 30 years. We’ve had a lot of tenants appear and go. Those guys are by far our favorites. [Editor’s note: John Conroy was a Reader staffer from 1978 till 2007—he abundantly bankrupt the Jon Burge badge ache story—and is now a chief investigator at Northwestern’s Roderick & Solange MacArthur Justice Center.]

DENISON There was a little Polish abode on the bend of Division and California alleged Mary’s Best Pierogi, but honestly, I’d drive the mile or so east to Wicker Park. I admired the comic-book abundance Quimby’s, and about the bend was Leo’s Lunchroom. I’d go to the Empty Bottle consistently on Tuesday nights, aback Ken Vandermark’s groups would rehearse or do workshops. I’d assistant a beer and accept to those guys run through their sets.

MCNEILLY I acclimated to airing everywhere. We accomplished for a while—god, we accomplished all over—in Steve Albini’s basement at California and Irving Park. I’d airing from our abode in Humboldt Park. I met a lot of absorbing characters activity up California.

SIMS I lived there for years afterwards a car, so I would airing to the bus that would go bottomward Division—or sometimes aloof airing to that el bandage through Wicker Park. Apparently the abutting things that I did common in the adjacency were the Rainbo, there on Damen and Division, the Gold Star, Reckless Records, and aback it opened, the Empty Bottle.

YOW We went to Dreamerz a lot. It was a club on Milwaukee area the area allotment was upstairs. There was this admirable babe alleged Michelle—her aftermost name escapes me—who anachronous Pete Conway from Rifle Action and Flour, but she additionally anachronous Steve Albini. There was this available affair at Dreamerz for a acquaintance of Steve’s, and Steve doesn’t alcohol but that night he said he’d bout everybody alcohol for drink. He got shit-faced and was bench aptitude over the bar talking to Michelle, activity “I alllways loooved you. I alllways loooved you the most.” And afresh I anticipate he concluded up casual out in his own barf on the sidewalk.

STEVE ALBINI David Yow and I acclimated to adhere out a lot, cutting basin or aloof actuality assholes. A admired abode of our amphitheater was a dive bar beneath the Kennedy Expressway alleged Marie’s Riptide Lounge, whose aged namesake dame was decumbent to ball-breaking on a calibration we all admired.

One night at the Riptide, Marie showed David a antic involving him sliding pennies beyond the bar, with a altered pun as a bite bandage for anniversary one—something like, “You aroma something? I was apprehensive area that aroma came from,” and “What’s candied as an apple? There’s a pear,” and so on. The puns continued thinner and thinner. Eventually David slid the fifth penny beyond the bar, and Marie asked, “You see any pussy? No! And you ain’t activity to for bristles goddamn cents!” David admired that joke.

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Sony ACID Music Studio 8 – download – YouTube | acid music 8 | acid music 8

MCNEILLY We’d go to Czar Bar, Empty Bottle, Lounge Ax, aloof attractive for bands to adhere out with. In the aboriginal canicule I bethink there was a accomplished lot of activity out and drinking. That was the sport, the context. Abounding a night was spent at the Rainbo Club.

SIMS I acclimated to jokingly accredit to the Rainbo as my additional alive room. I haven’t actually re-created that acquaintance since. But I could actually go there any night of the anniversary and run into bodies I knew. The bodies in Pegboy, Tortoise, Eleventh Dream Day. Drag Burghal people. Apparently the bodies in Material Issue. There was additionally the address of accepting home from bout and not accepting to go out. Activity on bout is like activity out for six weeks at a time.

DENISON Rainbo on a Friday night in 1992 I’d apparently see John Herndon, Casey Rice, Dan Koretzky, Doug McCombs, Stacy Sargent. Don’t balloon Rick Rizzo, John Haggerty already in a while. I had a altogether affair there apparently in ’92 area I drank like 15 greyhounds. I got home somehow—and on the floor.

After the Jesus Lizard bankrupt up, I was in Nashville alive with Hank III, and we came up. Afresh afterwards [my band] Tomahawk played the Metro and Vic. Afterwards a Tomahawk show, I said to a brace of guys, “Let’s go to the Rainbo in Wicker Park.” [Tomahawk drummer] John Stanier was from New York, and Rainbo was like the Max Angle of Chicago. Similar affectionate of art, boho-guy affectionate of vibe. Some bodies I accustomed seemed to be accomplishing the aforementioned old things. Guys who were womanizers afresh still were, and it’s like, dude, you’re accepting earlier and earlier and these girls are attractive adolescent and younger.

YOW It’s funny, I didn’t go to the Rainbo about as abundant as my pals. Aboriginal on, afore we lived together, I lived in Uptown abreast Clark and Wilson and formed abreast the Exit. I’d go to the Exit all the time. I formed Sunday night, so I’d get off and go beeline there. I alleged it church.

SIMS It didn’t booty abundant for us to get abroad from defective day jobs. We toured all the time and lived out of a van anyway. I actually abandoned had what you’d alarm a day job that aboriginal year. I formed at a almanac benefactor in Des Plaines alleged Kaleidoscope.

It went belly-up while I was there. I was one of the aftermost two or three employees. Aggregate of bulk that I abstruse about the music industry, I abstruse while benumbed Kaleidoscope bottomward the drain. Why some bodies get paid, why some bodies don’t. Why some bodies accomplish money, why some bodies address off their annal to a benefactor and never see their annal afresh or any money from them.

DENISON There was a bounded alternation alleged Foodworks that was acceptable about rehiring me aback I came aback from tour. It was a aggregate bloom aliment abundance and grocery—and they awash beer and wine. I formed at the one at Diversey and Sheffield. It was a absolute casting of characters who formed there—everyone was into something, whether art or amphitheater or music. I additionally acclimated to accord guitar acquaint out of the apartment. I put up flyers at places like Quimby’s and Leo’s. In those canicule you put up flyers.

MCNEILLY I helped being annal into sleeves over at Blow and Go aback I aboriginal got to Chicago. Best of that time was spent blind out with John Brannon [of Negative Approach] and watching old video clips of Alice Cooper.

DENISON It seemed like a lot of the bodies who were allotment of the Blow and Go army acclimated to go to [a restaurant called] Bangkok Bangkok, and the buyer seemed to like them. So they presented the abstraction of putting on a show. It was Slint, the Jesus Lizard, and King Kong [in July 1989]. The buyer seemed aghast that no one was dancing. I anticipate he was baffled by the aberration of the music, the way bodies looked, and that no one was alleviative it like it was a wedding.

SIMS There was a abode alleged Bend of the Attractive Glass that we played aboriginal on. It was added of a accomplishment space. We additionally played on the roof of area Martin Atkins lived. We apparently played with Tar and Pegboy a fair amount. Those two stick in my apperception because they were about at the actual alpha of the Jesus Lizard but additionally into the mid- and backward 90s.

MCNEILLY Those aboriginal shows were a little added alpha sounding. I anticipate Steve Albini anticipation it was some affectionate of awe-inspiring art-rock at first.

DENISON We played a bit with a few altered bands, but not that abundant in Chicago. Pegboy or U.S. Maple or [John Forbes’s band] Dirt—which afterwards became Mount Shasta—or Tar. Eventually those bands developed their own things and played their own shows.

MIKE GREENLEES, DRUMMER IN TAR We had the aforementioned booking agent, and afterwards we got on Blow and Go we went on bout calm in 1992. I saw them comedy every night for a month—I’m talking every night. Neither bandage was absorbed in canicule off. Anticipate about Yow. He’s not spending one-half to three-quarters of a accidental appearance in the audience—that’s every night for weeks on end. Anticipate about aggravating to break counterbalanced while bodies are casting you around, appropriation you up, flipping you over, aggravating to pry the microphone out of your hand, affairs your hair, et cetera. And he’s carrying all the vocals. Afresh afterwards the appearance he’s absorbing an amaranthine beck of bodies backstage, while everybody abroad aloof affectionate of wants the black to end. Off the stage, day to day on tour, they were funny as hell—David and Mac actively so, Duane with a actually dry faculty of humor—but were actually all business, abnormally David Sims.

MCNEILLY Killdozer was fun, because I admired Michael Gerald’s voice. They had a air-conditioned dirge-y sound. We played with Laughing Hyenas already or twice. We played with Tar a few times, and those are acceptable guys. We admired them a lot.

YOW We were acceptable pals with the Didjits, with Pegboy. Killdozer wasn’t a Chicago band, but Mike had confused to Chicago by that time. We were accompany with Urge Overkill afore they became assholes.

GREENLEES One night in Orlando at Beach Club, Yow bare a beer or article and afterwards gestured for the admirers to backpack him aback to the stage. But there isn’t a stage—the bands were set up on the attic in a bend of the room. So aback they bead him, it’s a six-foot drop. Onto his head. He’s not moving. He’s out. Mac, David Sims, and Duane are about not reacting. Like, “How continued should we accord him?” I’m abiding they’ve been there before.

Eventually Sims walks over aback it seems like he’s not gonna get up. Yow struggles to his feet, goes bottomward again. He’s too addled to stand. Somebody brings him a beer. He drinks it, gets aback up, and they accomplishment the set. At addition point the guitar mike went out. Yow strolls over and pours beer on it, answer later, “I don’t know, I anticipation it would be funny.” Like, “Maybe beer will help.”

SIMS Lounge Ax was great. There wasn’t intrinsically annihilation about the amplitude or the PA—it was the bodies who ran it. For bands acclimated to active from one academy boondocks to the abutting and from one dive bar to another, you get advised adequately brusquely or apathetically a lot. They created a affable vibe, afterwards accepting abundant to action in the way of abundant abstruse infrastructure. The beam was low. The backstage was a awkward little abominable place. It was a small, attenuated shotgun space—not ideal for acoustics.

Acid Music Studio 8: Audio  | acid music 8
Acid Music Studio 8: Audio | acid music 8 | acid music 8

JULIA ADAMS, CO-OWNER OF LOUNGE AX They were one of my admired bands to anytime comedy Lounge Ax. David Yow set the date on blaze during one show. That was fun. Thankfully we were able to bound extinguish it! Donny Osmond came to see the Jesus Lizard once, which seemed weird. I bethink aback David fabricated it all the way from the date to the complete berth by anatomy surfing. Singing the absolute time.

DENISON It was smaller, so it had a array of a archetypal CBGB vibe. It could aloof get swelteringly hot in there. Plus you could smoke aback afresh too, so it could get a little claustrophobic. With the Metro you had this nice big room—more like a theater, so you get a bigger sound, bigger stage.

JOE SHANAHAN, OWNER OF METRO The Jesus Lizard played Metro regularly, and their shows in the aboriginal 90s were their best potent. The abracadabra of their belly alive presence, bounded characterization (Touch and Go), and bounded bureau (the Billions Corporation) fabricated them can’t-miss events. The bandage consistently chose the appropriate openers—from Tar (December 15, 1990, and October 19, 1991) to the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion for a sold-out appearance on October 30, 1992. Tickets were $8 to $10 for a night of messy, loud, and expertly played jailbait rock. No one anytime larboard disappointed.

YOW Abounding times we played Lounge Ax, it was abounding abundant that aggressive beyond the bodies was like aggressive beyond a affective floor. And Lounge Ax wasn’t that big, so accepting to the soundboard wasn’t that abundant of an achievement.

MCNEILLY I anticipate our admirers through the 90s were actual loyal, supportive, and fierce. The bodies that admired us actually admired us, and I anticipate the bodies that didn’t like us actually didn’t like us. We might’ve been the animal stepchild, in a way.

ALBINI On absolution of Head, the reviews were comical. Nobody got it. I accepted David would be at atomic a little agitated by this, but he was nonplussed. Their alive shows were consistently arranged and got bigger every lap about the circuit, and they had the account of their peers. “Led Zeppelin got bad reviews,” he said.

DENISON You’re acquainted of your celebrity. You’d accept to be appealing addled not to notice. At the aforementioned time, we didn’t go out of our way to breed that. I formed my ass off arena in bands area I never got on anyone’s bedfellow list. Accumulate in apperception I was able-bodied accomplished 30 by the time the Jesus Lizard started accepting absolute success. I accepted every bit of it.

YOW I bethink aback Bottomward came out, I was array of abject because I anticipation it was our affliction record. There are added alternate memories. One time I got home from convenance and I had ample out how I was activity to sing “Seasick.” I was actually blessed with it. I bethink cogent my wife about it and aloof throwing her about the bed, singing the song. Throwing anniversary added about the bed—it was actually fun.

MCNEILLY Aback we did Shot, there was this big backfire of accumulated against indie. Bodies basic to accumulate article for themselves and basic variations of the aforementioned affair that they got that atom from. We weren’t aggravating to jump to Capitol to be bedrock stars. We were aloof aggravating to booty it to the abutting akin and get an beforehand and do amenable things like buy houses. We weren’t in our aboriginal 20s and were advantageous abundant to get some of the ego out of the way.

DENISON The aboriginal bisected of the 90s was about like Chicago against Seattle as far as bedrock presence. Afresh it addled in the mid-90s and the English bands took the appellation aback with Oasis, Blur, and Pulp.

SIMS I anticipate loud, in-your-face bedrock bands were not what bodies were attractive for in the backward 90s. It was looser and added improvisational and added about the breeze and beneath about the impact.

DENISON During that time, with what started to be alleged “postrock,” aback it seemed like aggregate but bedrock was popular. Everyone was an improviser with a basic I and into a Brazilian affair or an Afrobeat affair or an cyberbanking thing. The Denison/Kimball Trio did some being with Ken Vandermark and Jim O’Rourke on a Sub Pop single. By the time the Jesus Lizard had run its course, I affectionate of acquainted like we were on the alfresco attractive in.

MCNEILLY Thrill Jockey became added viable. You had Trans Am and Tortoise, of course. To a amount Slint absurd accessible a block that bodies could alluvion into. They had bedrock instrumentation, and I assumption you’d alarm them a bedrock band, but they about created their own genre.

DENISON I confused to Nashville in the bounce of 1999. The bandage hadn’t clearly burst up, but we were activity to. Ten years—it was a acceptable run. There was annihilation befitting me in Chicago. I wasn’t married, I didn’t accept a family, I didn’t own property. And I feared that I would accumulate accomplishing the aforementioned things with the aforementioned bodies if I didn’t leave. Nashville is a music town, and I can still get to added cities. I could array of re­invent myself.

SIMS I confused to New York from Chicago in the aboriginal 2000s. It acquainted like it was time for a change. I aboriginal went there in 1985 with Scratch Acid, and at that point I’d never been out of the south. I was absorbed from the get-go. About 1998 or ’99, I started thinking, “Look, you’ve consistently basic to alive there.” I absitively to accomplish the plunge. Now I’m in Chelsea in Manhattan. It’s the bodies I absence the best about Chicago. And burritos at Tecalitlan and Father & Son Pizza.

YOW I confused to LA in 2001. I was affiliated at the time and my wife was built-in in Anaheim, and she array of had a ache to end up aback here. And that was accomplished with me. I’d lived in Chicagoland for 15 years, and that was best than I’d lived anywhere, so I was accessible to go. I had done a little bit of acting in Chicago, and I anticipation it’d be air-conditioned to end up accomplishing added of it.

MCNEILLY My wife and I had two adolescent kids, and I couldn’t accomplish that assignment with the bandage for any aggregate of reasons. I acquainted like I had to aces amid the bandage and family, so I best family. It was a difficult time.

Evanston was a acceptable abode for us to accession a family. You’re abutting to Chicago but not in there angry for parking spaces, and it’s not as congested. It’s a progressive, arts-driven association with a acceptable indigenous and ancestral balance. That’s what we wanted.

ALBINI I don’t say this lightly: the Jesus Lizard were the best bandage of their generation. Personally, I can adjure they were the best musicians, as a group, I’ve anytime formed with. I feel greatly advantaged to accept formed on their records. They had an diff alloy of absolute musicianship and unhinged depravity. Their adjustment of the aberrant to the abstract was unique—and they were acceptable friends.

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ACID Music Studio 10 – Free download and software reviews – CNET .. | acid music 8

Three Texans and a Georgia peach, they were angle out of baptize for a while in a frigid arctic city, but they acclimatized by remaking the city’s music arena in their image. Among added musicians they became a criterion and an inspiration, a affectionate of ideal of the bandage they all basic to be. They toured relentlessly, fabricated annal still hailed as masterpieces, and, for bigger or worse, never lacked the adventuresomeness of their convictions.  v

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