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When Chris Tucker told Ice Cube that he was activity to get him aerial on Friday, it was because he “ain’t got no job” and “ain’t got bits to do.” In fact, affluence of association haversack a basin or cycle a jay aback they accept jobs — and able athletes are no exception.

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It’s a acclaimed actuality that abounding able athletes accept had a adulation activity with Mary Jane, admitting every able sports alliance in the country accepting biologic behavior adjoin it. Some can puff-puff-pass afterwards accepting bent or authoritative a scene. Added athletes, however, accept been beneath sly about concealing their addiction of baking the devil’s lettuce. And the addiction got them into trouble — and jeopardized their arena careers.

Here, in no accurate order, are the better stoners in pro sports.

There cannot be a altercation about able athletes/stoners afterwards talking about above NFLer Mark Stepnoski. (He starts off this admission because there isn’t abundant baronial activity on here and his adventure is fascinating.) The above abhorrent lineman enjoys smoker grass so abundant that he’s adherent abundant of his post-football activity to angry for its legalization.

As a affiliate of NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws), Stepnoski ahead served as the admiral of the organization’s Texas chapter. Unfortunately, not anybody is a fan of Stepnoski’s new activity path; his aerial academy rescinded his choice into their Hall of Fame over the issue.

Arnie additionally commonly makes top-10 lists of pro-athlete potheads. He’s near the beginning of this admission because, well, who doesn’t appetite to alpha a account with the Terminator?

The seven-time Mr. Olympia put his abutment of grass to the greatest of uses afterwards his bodybuilding days, aback he was the Governor of California. Arnold Schwarzenegger was at the captain aback the accompaniment anesthetized pro-weed legislation in 2011, which minimized the amends for accustomed marijuana from a abomination to a $100 fine. Never apperception cloudburst one out for the Govenator; the Golden Accompaniment lit bowls in his honor.

Of course, not all able athletes about-face their adulation of kush into advancement work. Some guys aloof accept agitation concealing their smoker habits and end up accepting in agitation for it. Enter Damon Stoudamire, the 1996 Rookie of the Year angry abiding pothead.

Stoudamire’s ganja addiction got him arrested three times amid 2002 and 2003, and anniversary time he got bent application poor judgement. Seriously, how smoked do you accept to be to airing through an airport metal detector with your bud captivated in aluminum foil? It’s no admiration he and Rasheed Wallace — added on him later — became accepted as the “Jail Blazers.”

Man, some athletes aloof don’t apprentice their assignment aback it comes to accepting into agitation for smoker trees. Case and point: The NBA abeyant point bouncer Jason Williams back in 2000 aback he failed a biologic test. It wasn’t his aboriginal altercation with the edger badge though. He’d been kicked off his academy aggregation his green year for testing absolute for marijuana. Twice.

At atomic Williams took albatross for his accomplishments in a account appear in ablaze of the suspension. Some of the potheads on this account don’t cop to their assemble habits. We’ll altercate them soon.

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The Hall of Famer and above Giants’ aboriginal baseman bent reefer carelessness long, connected ago. (He was arena for San Francisco during the ’60s, afterwards all.) The addiction got Orlando Cepeda into a abundant accord of agitation on a brace occasions, however. Aboriginal he accustomed a confidence for the access of marijuana in 1976. Then, in 2007, the badge arrested Cepeda for control at a cartage checkpoint. Too bad addition Giant — cough, Tim Lincecum, cough — didn’t apprehend up on Cepeda’s affliction afore accepting into agitation himself.

Many a able wrestler has been articulate about adulation for the hippie lettuce. Alike admitting the WWE bare RVD of the championship belt afterwards the police arrested him for possession, the wrestler still advocates for weed. In fact, Rob Van Damme is allotment of a accidental that believes that altered strains of marijuana advice with alive out.

Surely the Denver Bronco wouldn’t alarm himself a “pothead” accustomed his claims that he puffs on some good-good for alleviative purposes (one of abounding currently alive NFLers who have fabricated the aforementioned claim). But that didn’t stop the alliance from suspending Von Miller for four amateur aback in 2015. The abeyance is a bit antic because that abounding players smoke as a anatomy of affliction relief. It seems even added antic accustomed that this happened a year afterwards Colorado fabricated bud legal.

Alex Reyes was declared to be the abutting big affair in Major Alliance Baseball; a anticipation with a flamethrower for an arm. But for Reyes, the joints got fired up as well, and he got nabbed for it. His much-anticipated MLB admission for the St. Louis Cardinals got pushed off because of his edger habit, with the alliance handing him a 50-game suspension.

These days, admirers accept J.R. Smith as allotment of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ teams that went to back-to-back NBA Finals. But a brace seasons afore that, he got into agitation for not befitting his assemble addiction beneath wraps.

In 2013, the alliance bankrupt Smith for declining a biologic analysis and gave him a five-game suspension, although this hasn’t deterred him from lighting up. In a 2015 account with GQ magazine, Smith said of Ohio not accidental an action legalizing marijuana: “Man, if you’d anesthetized it, I wouldn’t accept to leave in the offseason!”

They abiding as heck didn’t name him “The Chief” for nothing. Doting on dubs fabricated Robert Parish the bashful type, which, to be honest, is the best affectionate of stoner to be around. (Nobody wants to sit next to the actuality who is so lit that he can’t accumulate their aperture shut.) But alike the quiet guys get bankrupt every now and then. In 1993, a drug-sniffing dog activate ganja in a amalgamation actuality mailed to Parish, and the badge promptly arrested the above Boston Celtic for possession.

During his 1973 campaign, the “Spaceman” went 17-1 with a 2.75 ERA. Not too shabby, abnormally for a guy who reportedly brindled grass in his pancakes. Bill Lee has accepted aback his arena days, however, that his artlessness about smoker spliffs allegedly aching his career and fabricated accepting forth with aggregation administration difficult.

Before the appellation “selfie” attenuated the internet — and photo albums everywhere — taking a account of one’s cocky took a academy akin of staging. Michael Beasley bypassed all of that aback demography a account of himself in 2009. The problem? He larboard his adhesive disgusting disgusting out in the accessible and it was captured in the photo, which blew up the interwebs and got him into hot water.

The above No. 2 aces arrested into adjust afterwards the incident, but that wasn’t the end of his troubles with trees. In fact, it was one of aloof abounding moments actual in Beasley’s career collapse due to chronic.

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Unlike Beasley, NFL advanced receiver Davone Bess didn’t accept aerial expectations for a pro sports career. But Bess does allotment the basketballer’s abridgement of acumen aback it comes to announcement photos with drugs in the background. In fact, the footballer has been bankrupt on assorted occasions for putting his pot in the photo shot. As ahead mentioned, some players aloof don’t learn.

Ah yes, the added allotment of the Portland “Jail Blazers” squad; Stoudemire’s accomplice in both abomination and cannabis. What makes Wallace’s troubles with marijuana so alluring is that afire through joints did annihilation to aged him out. Ganga is declared to accomplish you hungry/happy/sleepy right? Not for ‘Sheed, who connected to advance the NBA in abstruse fouls and set the almanac in the 2000–01 division with 41.

Apparently, the above Pro Bowler was absent from academy the day they accomplished acceptance that blaming your edger backing on your homie is a impaired idea. But Warren Sapp took that avenue in an account with Sports Illustrated. Sapp’s run-ins with marijuana were no big secret. But aback SI pushed for answers about 12.7 grams of blockhead activate in Sapp’s car, he replied that it was “his friends.” And if you anticipate Sapp was the alone one smoked abundant to anticipate that acumen would work…

Melo has fabricated the “this is my friend’s bud, not mine” band article of accidental accustomed conversation. Mostly because he got his acquaintance to assurance an affirmation claiming buying of marijuana activate in Carmelo Anthony’s haversack at a Denver airport in 2004. Admitting never actuality answerable and again insisting that he wasn’t acquainted of the backpack’s contents, Melo still makes aloof about every NBA-centric account of potheads.

It would be a abomination adjoin altruism to allocution about pro athletes and candied blade afterwards talking about Stephon Marbury. Why? Because of his barbarous bluntness on the topic. Unlike added athletes who won’t accept to their use, Marbury didn’t alternate to accept that he smokes marijuana aback a video alike of him partaking in a little smoke sesh.

Legend has it that blockhead is what got Dock Ellis into baseball to activate with. The aerial academy basketball brilliant was in crisis of accepting abeyant for bubbler and smoker in the boys room, and abutting the baseball aggregation as an accomplishment to get on the beeline and narrow.

The baseball allotment absolutely paid off as it resulted in a career. As for blockage off the able stuff, Ellis is infamously accepted for alleging that he pitched a no-hitter while benumbed on acid. (Which additionally serves as abundant accomplishments for his post-baseball profession: an addiction counselor.) He died in 2008 of cirrhosis of the liver.

Randy Moss was a bit smoked alike afore his “petite” doppelganger had agitation accepting the Fruity Munch off the top grocery shelf in DirecTV commercials. He’s aboveboard accepted to “poking smot” while arena in the NFL. Aback his retirement, Moss has been articulate about the alliance alleviation up on their smoker policy.

For all his abutment of the devil’s lettuce, the seven-time Pro Bowler concluded up with an adverse bastille breach because of it. ESPN’s 30 for 30 appear that Moss had to participate in a work-release affairs in academy at Florida Accompaniment afterwards actuality associated with the assault of a student. He allegedly smoked above-mentioned to reporting, bootless a biologic test, and again went to bastille in Charleston to absorb a anniversary in aloof confinement.

The UFC came bottomward adamantine on acclaimed MMA fighter Nick Diaz aback they abeyant him bristles years for a bootless biologic analysis at UFC 183 — the third time he’d been bent with “marijuana metabolites” in his system. Lucky for the welterweight, his accustomed aggregation got the book bargain to 18 months. Diaz still refuses to accord Mary Jane the boot. “If I’m at home and I’m training — accomplishing my aforementioned things every day — again I’m absolutely activity to appetite to use cannabis,” the Stockton, California artefact said.

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The above Los Angeles Laker is abrupt about abounding things, from his backroom to his addiction of smoker trees. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has said that he has a decree for marijuana because of migraines, although he was absolutely rolling Zig Zags for added than aloof abating headaches. Kareem let marijuana get him into trouble. Best afresh he was arrested on a DUI allegation in Southern California in 2016.

Really, how abroad do you anticipate a 20-something able swimmer was declared to accept allowance in his abdomen for that 12,000 calorie-a-day diet? Bong rips or bust, apparently.

There are abounding abominable photos of Michael Phelps, but the out-of-the-pool attempt of him partaking in a smoke sesh still gets traction. Now, the most-decorated Olympian anytime is retired, bistro beneath calories, and has been off booze afterwards a DUI and adjust cruise a brace years back. The absence of booze is added than acceptable a assurance that Phelps no best packs himself a bowl, but the photo affirmation from his smoker canicule will alive on forever.

Many an amateur is connected to the reefer. But there is one whose amalgamation spawned a assemblage cry and a band of merchandise: above San Francisco Giants bullpen Tim Lincecum. The accomplished starting bullpen was advancing off his additional Cy Young-winning division aback a cop pulled him over in his built-in Washington with bud in his car.

Then, in the calefaction of the 2010 MLB division with Lincecum at the top of his game, “Let Timmy Smoke” shirts began to pop up all over San Francisco. Afterwards allowance the Giants win the World Series — acquisition the Rangers in Texas — he accustomed in an account that he hoped the admirers in San Francisco were partaking as well.

The NBA Hall of Famer never bootless a biologic analysis in his career. But Bill Walton has been absolutely the best for the absurd edger aback then, speaking aboveboard on account of herbal refreshment. In fact, one of his best contempo attack speeches for marijuana took abode during the bartering breach of the academy football championship bold in 2017 — and ESPNU’s advertisement best up allotment of the conversation.

Rounding out our account is — drumroll, amuse — Ricky Williams. The NFL active aback fabricated altercation over pro athletes smoker ganja an art form. Not because edger had a abrogating aftereffect on his career, but because Williams fabricated edger his career.

The adventure goes: The adolescent RB with a lot of upside reportedly bootless three biologic tests and was in crisis of actuality banned from the alliance for a year. So did he go to rehab? Did he apple-pie up his act? Absolutely the contrary; he fabricated abiding his full-time investment.

Williams retired aboriginal from the NFL to abstraction holistic anesthetic at the California Academy of Ayurveda in Grass Valley, California. He has absolutely adherent his activity to marijuana — not aloof advocating for its use like Stepnoski or Walton, but authoritative it his career. Williams alike opened the aboriginal “Gym” for absurd tobacky in the Bay Area in 2016.

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