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Belly up to the bar, friend. I’ve got a few sports belief to tell—stories with a burst of soda and a whiskey back. 

While booze and able sports may accept a brindle history of bad endings, every appointment amid ballplayer and booze doesn’t end in a accessible acknowledgment and association service.

No, sometimes booze gets complex and amazing happens.

The afterward is a accumulating of admired bashed moments in sports history. To be clear, this isn’t a briefing of the heaviest drinkers or dumbest bashed arrests in sports history. These are moments aback booze and sports came calm and abracadabra happened.

With that said, it’s time to bang back, band on the beer goggles and booty a dive into 20 Abundant Bashed Moments in Sports.

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Remember Allen Iverson’s acclaimed “Practice” speech?

Of beforehand you do, it’s alone one of the best columnist conferences rants in NBA history. Iverson wielded the chat “practice” like a blacksmith does a hammer—slamming it bottomward over and over afresh in avant-garde of a basin of addled reporters.

His departure has aback been immortalized, and afresh above Seattle Supersonics abundant Gary Payton let us in on a secret concerning its origins. 

According to Payton, he and Iverson were out animadversion aback drinks one summer night aback the Philadelphia Sixers bouncer asked him his abstruse to career longevity. Payton told him his drillmaster didn’t let him practice. 

Iverson took Payton’s words as gospel, and proceeded to chase the careless “advice.” Thank God for whatever those two men drinking, because afterwards it, the apple would’ve never abstruse an important assignment about practice.

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At the alpha of this account with UFC fighter Chuck Liddell, this TV host’s articulation agitation a bit. 

Is it nerves? Probably not.

More than likely, it’s due to the actuality he aloof accomplished he’s on alive air with a bedfellow who’s three-sheets to the sun and speaking with the exact command of Don Corleone. 

“You alright, Chuck?” the host asks.

Oh yea, he’s activity no pain.


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Warning: Video contains footage of a bashed Kenneth Faried speaking candidly about his genitals.

A TMZ anchorman was out backward one night this summer accomplishing TMZ things in Hollywood aback he ran into Denver Nuggets ability avant-garde Kenneth Faried.

The anchorman didn’t apperceive who this ample man was at first, which prompted Faried to cull out a archetype of ESPN The Magazine’s contempo “Body Issue” with his naked anatomy on the cover.

In turn, the anchorman asked Faried if he acquainted shy at aboriginal while clay nude for the magazine. Faried responded he was not, because he’s a big-swinging ability forward, and a adult alone to boot.

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“Bad attempt beforehand to bad passes.”

That’s not a grammatical absurdity on my part—that’s a absolute adduce from Bobby Huggins, who showed up acutely slam-faced to a presentation at a Nike basketball dispensary in 2012. 

West Virginia’s arch drillmaster was allegedly slurring his words, acceptable aback and alternating and bottomward F-bombs in avant-garde of a ample admirers of players and observers. 

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Watch out for those Bloody Mary’s, Bobby. The aboriginal one’s appetizing and refreshing, but the fourth will jump appropriate on top of you.

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There’s a acumen the band “Do you apperceive who I am?” doesn’t accept a aerial amount of success as a negotiating tool. It repels people—people who acutely accept the high duke on you at the moment.

Danish striker Nicklas Bendtner ample out this awkward accuracy in 2011, aback he drunkenly attempted to beset the buyer of a Copenhagen pizza parlor into giving him a chargeless slice. The restaurant’s agenda clairvoyant had denied Bendtner’s card, at which point the again Sunderland striker attempted to blackmail himself some adorable pizza.

 “Do you apperceive who I am?” Bendtner asked. “I can buy the accomplished pizzeria.” 

The restaurant’s buyer stood his arena for several account until two changeable barter stepped avant-garde and offered to pay for the striker’s food.

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Drinks the bar’s absolute tequila supply, again messes about and about puts up a amateur double. 

This adventure is buzz absolute from Bill Simmons via his old ESPN Page 2 blog, but if the rumor about Ricky Davis’ night out in Memphis is true, is one of the best antic NBA bubbler belief ever.

As Simmons’ account goes, some time in the aboriginal 2000’s a trainer with the Memphis Grizzlies went out for a night on the boondocks with Davis (then with the Grizzlies). According to the trainer, Davis and his associates gulped bottomward 19 bottles of Patron tequila and again attempted to set the Elvis canonizing on fire. 

After all this, the trainer says Davis went out and about put up a amateur double.

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There are several altered levels of intoxication.

The lightest akin is “buzzed” drunk, which is the best akin for awkward banquet parties. The abutting bank is drunk-drunk, which usually ends up with you bistro annihilation in the freezer that resembles food.

The best avant-garde accompaniment of intoxication, however, is “too bashed to fly”—which the absolute Russian adolescence civic aggregation managed to ability in 2011 afterwards acceptable gold at the Apple Junior Hockey championship in New York.

The 20-year-olds managed to get their easily on booze (as 20-year-olds will do) and anguish up becoming too aggressive to alike lath their flight at Buffalo Niagra International airport.

The aggregation was blocked from boarding a Delta flight and rebooked for a afterwards time.

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After acceptable the gold badge at 2008 Summer Olympics, anybody and their brother capital a allotment of Hope Solo and the US Women’s soccer team.

The team, however, aloof capital a moment to adore themselves. According to Hope Solo, they partied all night afterwards acceptable the gold and showed up Farva-drunk to a alive copy of the Today show.

“Vince Vaughn partied with us,” Solo told ESPN the Magazine. “When we were done partying, we got out of our nice dresses and got aback into our amphitheater coats…at 7 a.m. we went on the Today appearance drunk.”

And America cheered, as they able-bodied should.

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Czech adjudicator Tomas Fidra is a man—a bashed man, albeit—but a man nonetheless. And if he wants to bandy out three players for no reason, well, there’s annihilation in the book that says he can’t.

Fidra showed up to a bout amid Czech clubs Jestrabi Lahota and Tynec-Nad-Labem smelling “like a brewery.” The visibly bagged official told several players he had aloof acclaimed a birthday, and red carded three of them for allurement if he was still able of refereeing the match.

Was it a acknowledged move? Technically yes, according to a Jastrabi Lhota official, who acicular out the actuality there’s no aphorism adjoin a bashed adjudicator from demography allegation of a match.

In added words, the ref pulled an Air Bud and was accustomed to officiate the blow of the bout on a technicality. The bout was afterwards annulled.

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There’s a time for affair and there’s a time for work.

Howard Cosell had agitation appropriate amid the two, and it was no abstruse amidst his colleagues that the backward Monday Night Football blush annotation man occasionally alloyed himself a booze or nine while on the air.

His bubbler about led to slurred words and absent thoughts while broadcasting, but the best abandoned bashed moment occurred during the advertisement of a Giants-Eagles bold in 1970.

Cosell drank afore and throughout the sportscast, and eventually became so bagged he puked on co-caster Don Meredith’s cowboy boots. It was an abandoned and antic moment, alike by the standards of the 70’s.

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What would a bashed sports slideshow be afterwards a accelerate in account of John Daly—the amateur who has cashed in on his acceptability for chargeless booze burning with his own booze cooler brand.

While he’s forgone the booze aback 2010, Daly came out in 2011 and accepted to The Charlotte Observer that he “Played bigger drunk.” 

Touché, John, and anguish not—this acceptance could never aching sales of John Daly Sweet Tea Lemonade.

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When attributes calls, you charge answer.

When you accept to acknowledgment the alarm on an airplane, however, accomplish abiding the aperture you’re aggravating to accessible leads to the bathroom, and not a 35,000 bottom bead to the ground. 

A Sri Lankan candid amateur bootless to accomplish this acumen while analytic for the bathroom on a British Airways flight in July. The amateur and several teammates had been bubbler for hours, and activity the charge to urinate, wobbled to his anxiety and began affairs on the pressurized berth door, assertive it led to the restroom.

The man was eventually stopped, and no arrests were made.

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52 cans of beer in one flight, and no that’s not a typo.

The above Australian cricketer had one hell of a adventure in 1989, activity center about the apple from Australia to England with his aggregation and finishing over two cases of beer in the process, according to The Daily Mail. 

For context, a flight from Sidney to London about takes about 21 hours. That agency Boon was averaging over 2 beers an hour for about a day.

Even added amazing, Boon managed to leave the alike beneath his own power. Not bad for an athlete.

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Boggs denies the number, but fable holds that the above Boston Red Sox brilliant formed 64 beers over the beforehand of a cross-country flight from New York to the West Coast. 

The cardinal ability accept been inflated, but alike if Boggs alone fabricated it to 45, he still managed the accomplishment in about 16 hours. Not too shabby, Wade.

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There are affluence of funny or antic bashed acreage invasions, but this one holds a appropriate abode in my heart.

The Green Bay Packers were arena the Cincinnati Bengals in a bound bold in 2005. With account to go, Brett Favre was attempting to beforehand his aggregation to game-tying touchdown aback a bashed fan slipped assimilate the acreage and took the brawl out of his hands.

There are so abounding things that go appropriate in this accurate rush, best conspicuously the address in which this bashed idiot splits the aboriginal two aegis guards. The two men bang like impaired animals, and the fan block free—for one added moment, at least.

*Sniff* It’s aloof so…beautiful.

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Patrick Rafter didn’t appetite to comedy drunk, but comedy he did. The crazy allotment affair is—he won.

The Australian tennis pro acquainted honest anguish afterwards arena a 1997 Davis Cup match while intoxicated. Rafter had been out all night partying the black above-mentioned to the Sunday match, but still managed to put abroad his adversary David Rikl in three sets. 

He absolutely didn’t accomplish a addiction out of arena drunk, but it’s absurd that anyone could comedy able tennis with beer goggles and still cull out a victory. 


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Warning: Video contains NSFW language.

Drinking booze, demography acerbic and abrasion it bottomward with a brace of Benzedrines is not acceptable for your health. You ability as able-bodied exhausted out your bookish case and bandy it in the circuit cycle.

In Dock Ellis’ case, however, the above cocktail was the blueprint for a no hitter.

In 1970, the Pittsburgh Pirates bullpen took advantage of a blow day amid amateur to booze some booze and choke bottomward a agglomeration of lysergic acerbic diethylamide (LSD). Long story short, Ellis woke up the abutting in a friend’s abode and took some added acerbic afore actuality alerted that he was slated to angle adjoin the Padres that afternoon.

Ellis managed to fly into San Diego in time for the game, affective a few Benzedrines (an amphetamine) at the ballpark and proceeded to boycott the Padres while activity “high as a Georgia pine.”

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Only 23 pitchers accept anytime befuddled a absolute bold in the MLB, and one of those pitchers did it with a fifth or so of booze afraid out of his face.

That man was David Wells, who threw a absolute bold adjoin the Minnesota Twins in 1998 with “monster animation and a raging, skull-rattling hangover,” as told to Sports Illustrated.

Wells had been up all night partying at a Saturday Night Alive casting party, and managed three or beneath hours of beddy-bye afore accepting to address to the amphitheater for the game.

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Think of the manliest man you know. Now balloon him.

You accept a new idol, and his name is Fuzzy Thurston—the allegorical Green Bay Packers bouncer who got slam-towned afore the acclaimed 1967 Ice Bowl and still helped his aggregation exhausted the Dallas Cowboys.

The temperature was 15 beneath zero, and players able for the algid the best they could. How did Fuzzy basic for the game? Oh, the usual—stretching, taping up and acquisitive “about 10 vodkas” as mentioned on ESPN.com.

I can’t booze six vodkas and accomplish it home with my debit card. Fuzzy ripped 10 and went home with an NFL Championship.

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It’s difficult to enlarge the abundance that was Joe Namath’s bashed beforehand on ESPN’s Suzy Kolber in 2003. 

Web sites accept been called afterwards this encounter, to accord you a butt of how well-loved this moment is in America. It’s not every day a Hall of Fame quarterback hits on a amusement anchorman and tells the nation he doesn’t affliction about his above team.

According to Namath, he had been bubbler all day afore the game—a Saturday night antagonism area he and added above Jets were accustomed for their accomplishments. 

Namath’s “interview” is a civic treasure—a consummate jewel in the acme of amusement sports interviews, and conceivably the greatest bashed moment in sports history.


Join me on Twitter and acquaint me your best booze-addled sports story.

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