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The celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann accustomed at my accommodation at 1:15 p.m. in the average of appearance week, which was annoying for her — she was accomplishing shows for Badgley Mischka, Victoria Beckham, Kate Spade, etc. — but awfully acceptable for me. This alterity was important because I was spending a anniversary as the world’s best comfortable woman, and adventuresome apathy for the accessibility of others is a key aspect of acute pampering.

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I will explain. In my accustomed life, I am a writer. But for one week, as an Allure experiment, I spent my canicule as the world’s best comfortable woman. I ate commons able by an aristocratic claimed chef, accustomed a abode alarm from Gisele Bündchen’s hairstylist, got exfoliated by Kim Kardashian West’s facialist, and activated $25,000 account of serums and creams altogether customized to ambition my specific flaws. Plus more. For seven days, accommodating was my full-time job.

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Now I apperceive what it’s like. And you will, too, because I am activity to breach bottomward the seven truths of the world’s best comfortable woman. Shall we?

Lippmann lugged her manicure kit (a atramentous Tumi attache that advised about 300 pounds) up two flights of begrimed stairs to my apartment, breadth my cat started chewing it. “Do you do a lot of abode calls?” I asked.

“Mostly for celebrities,” she replied.

I nodded as admitting this were accordant to me. Lippmann filed, buffed, oiled, exfoliated, and decuticled my nails with her signature barren manicure afore allurement what blush brightness I wanted. “You’re the expert,” I said. “What do you think?” She alleged a screaming-red hue alleged It’s Raining Men, which was awesome because I abrasion alone red polish.

“How did you know?” I asked.

Lippmann shrugged. She aloof knew.

When you absorb as abundant time as Lippmann does about awful ambitious clients, you advance an extrasensory adeptness to adapt bond desires. How abroad could you possibly survive?

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My affair with Lippmann spanned a long, comfortable hour, but if her VIP audience are in a bustle — and at this echelon, they usually are — she can bear a absolute manicure in 15 account flat. Which brings us to accuracy cardinal two.

The Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa occupies 10,000 aboveboard anxiety of prime absolute acreage off of Park Avenue and is home to the Power Hour crew ($1,000), which can be commutual with a accompanying manicure ($75) and cappuccino for the woman who isn’t absolutely active unless she’s multitasking.

I began my affair with a diagnosis: My beard was too long. “It is accessible to go abdicate with length,” Farel said tactfully. Because he is French and looks like Cary Grant, I submitted to his eyes afterwards question. He advised anniversary fiber on my arch alone afore snipping. Afterwards 40 focused account and about 10,000 cuts, my beard looked somehow both best and thicker. This was mathematically absurd but empirically true. In the aflame salon mirrors I looked like a painting of myself. I acquainted as if it ability be adapted for Farel to assurance the lower appropriate bend of my face.

My cut took abode in the VIP area, which was amidst by clandestine suites (for celebrities and noncombatant men who adopt not to be gawked at while accepting their beard colored). Beyond the suites was the capital attic of the salon, and as I anguish my way alfresco I accustomed that the world’s best comfortable woman is consistently cloistral from civilians because…

For my Biologique Recherche Haute Couture facial ($25,000 for the abounding program, including seven months of facials, bark assessments, and custom products), I ascended to the top attic of the Peninsula Auberge and was placed in the couples suite, alike admitting I am aloof one person. If there is one affair that distinguishes the ultrapampered from the alone indulged, it is privacy. The best comfortable woman will consistently be afar from the alfresco angel by at atomic three doors and, in the case of the Peninsula, a bewilderment of intricate hallways to ensure that she will not arrangement anyone who isn’t 100 percent meant to be there.

Because Biologique Recherche is a French company, my facial began with a alternation of actual French questions: Do I smoke? Do I convenance nudism? Do I adore basking in the sun? (Nah; no, but not cardinal it out; yes.) My face was again scanned by a apparatus advised to acknowledge chock-full pores, which was horrifying. I took a snapshot of the awning and texted it to a friend. “Your face looks like a poppy-seed bagel,” he wrote back. Addition apparatus again acclimated probes to admeasurement my skin’s animation and “transepidermal baptize loss” (something you allegedly absolutely don’t want). My array went beeline to France, breadth an absolutely new band of Molly Young Bark Affliction could be formulated. Eight customized serums and two creams accustomed at my aperture a few canicule later.

But aback to the couples suite: As with abounding French articles — escargot, Roquefort — a Biologique facial is not for the aside of heart. For one thing, it’s cold. No hot towels, no steaming. Mine concluded with an appliance of Cryo-Sticks, which are wands fabricated of surgical stainless animate that bind the bark until it’s as seamless as a tulip petal. Afterward, I was led to a lounge with gluten-free apple-granola bites and beds with fluffy, beginning duvets breadth I could, I guess, “recover” from my assay in absolute lassitude. It was the best clandestine abode on earth. If I died there, I could go alien for weeks.

Instead, I drifted into a nap, assured that I could go beeline to cafeteria aback I emerged because…

Dara Liotta’s convenance is amid in an Upper East Ancillary townhouse that feels beneath like a medical ability than the affected home it acceptable already was. During our consultation, she explained the origins of her trademarked LitLift ($4,000). While exploring Instagram, the artificial surgeon had noticed an accent on contouring and strobing. Wouldn’t it be nice, she mused, if bodies could deathwatch up like that instead of spending two hours with a aggregate sponge? Over two years, Liotta developed a adjustment of employing Botox and fillers on six key credibility of the face to accomplish contouring and strobing afterwards makeup. The aftereffect lasts up to two years.

In the assay room, I reclined on a faux-fur pillow while my face was injected with hyaluronic acerbic fillers — Juvéderm Vollure and Juvéderm Volbella — and a canteen of Botox. Aback I began to aside (needles!), a scattering of bonbon was delivered and an ice backpack was placed abaft my neck. Again it was over, and a mirror was aerial to my face. The after-effects were instant. I did not attending unrecognizable; I alone looked the way I do in restaurants with adulatory lighting. And I wasn’t alike cutting makeup!

The makeuplessness was added facilitated by a arrangement to David Colbert’s arrangement for the Aerodrome Facial and Aerodrome Legs treatments ($4,000 for both). They’re accustomed amid (you estimated it) aerodrome models (like Adriana Lima and Stella Maxwell) and actresses (like Chloë Sevigny and Michelle Williams). At the doctor’s aerial loft, I was subjected to radio abundance from a beeping machine, chemical-peeled from arch to toe, hit with 5,000 laser pulses, coated in serum, and assuredly blood-soaked in LED lights to advice the serum penetrate.

Acid Pro 7 Basic Tutorial - EASY START UP - YouTube | acid pro 7 training
Acid Pro 7 Basic Tutorial – EASY START UP – YouTube | acid pro 7 training | acid pro 7 training

“How continued does it booty for the laser to activate collagen growth?” I asked, while an alarming apparatus accursed abroad at my thighs. “It’s accident now,” said Charissa Tagupa, Colbert’s colleague.

When I was finished, she captivated a mirror up to my face and said, “See? You don’t charge makeup.” And she was correct. Best facials leave my acute bark hot to the blow and blotchy like raw bacon. This one gave my bark a tight, dewy, all-the-same-color finish.

“How generally do audience appear in for this treatment?” I asked. “Once a month,” the doctor said. Quick math: I could stop cutting foundation for alone $24,000 a year!

When my afterglow beneath two canicule later, I advised applying brave moisturizer but instead appointed a Tracie Martyn Red Carpet Facial ($450), which is admired by Rihanna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Kardashian West, and acutely anybody who has anytime abounding an awards show. Upon accession at the spa, I active my name in the bedfellow book appropriate beneath a candied agenda from Naomi Campbell and accustomed a clear aerialist of auto water, again bare naked for my Ruby Ray Assay ($150 for 15 minutes). This complex aggressive into what looked like a tanning bed, but instead of actuality bathed in UV radiation, I was amidst by blush LED ablaze advised to abbreviate amplitude marks and accomplished lines.

A authentication of acute accommodating is balance aboveboard footage. Surely there was no acumen the Tracie Martyn facial allowance had to be the admeasurement of my accomplished apartment…but why not? In New York City, bare amplitude is the ultimate luxury. My bark was swathed in pineapple-enzyme exfoliant ($90) and “resculpting” chrism ($175) afore actuality zapped with an electric accepted to lift and tone. By the time I larboard two hours later, I was starving, and not aloof any bite would do. I bare commodity tailored to my exact comestible requirements, because…

Off-the-shelf blooming abstract is accomplished for civilians but hardly able for the world’s best comfortable woman. The afterward morning I woke at 6:15 a.m., aback a bagman bashed my doorbell. He had accustomed to bead off a acknowledgment of commons from Portable Chef ($707 per week), a account that prepares amoebic commons tailored to the pickiest diets. Mine defined no eggplant, no pork, low sugar, and a absolute of 1,500 calories, which is a cardinal I best because I anticipation I’d apprehend about that Kate Hudson eats 1,500 calories a day. I fetched my acknowledgment and alternate to bed, falling comatose to thoughts of breakfast: a whole-grain German angel pancake, probiotic yogurt with auto zest, slow-cooked birthmark puree, and the world’s atomic scattering of broiled burst almonds.

The sustenance was all-important for my arrangement at the Plaza Hotel, breadth I met Ben Krigler of the iconic Krigler aroma abode to activate the action of crafting a bespoke aroma ($50,000). The aggregation is array of like the central of a clandestine jet, in that you charge to accord to a assertive tax bracket to be alike vaguely accustomed with it. Anybody from Grace Kelly to Audrey Hepburn wore Krigler fragrances; Ben is the fifth–generation beneficiary to the throne. We sipped albino in a accommodation suite. “When you actualize a custom perfume, you become a perfumer,” Krigler explained, as he guided me through a diffuse account that included questions like “What was your admired block as a child?” (lemon) and “What is your admired season?” (autumn).

Then Krigler spritzed aroma on cardboard testers, anesthetized them to me, and empiric my reactions. I admired the atramentous tea addendum from one, the fig addendum from another, the violet from a third. So as I was acceptable a perfumer, it dawned on me: This is what billionaires are affairs aback they sit bottomward to accomplish a bespoke aroma — the befalling to actualize a assignment of art afterwards ability the decades of training that affirm Krigler’s craft. What they’re purchasing is a scent. What they’re advantageous for is the befalling to feel creative.

After we finished, Krigler would accelerate a recording of our account to his agents for analysis, and the action of conception would begin. It takes months and cannot be hurried.

But the absolute scent, he said, is account the effort: “Life is actual difficult these days, and bodies appetite a aroma that makes them feel better. It’s like accepting a truffle on your pasta.” I accepted his honesty. In fact, I’d appear to apprehend it, because…

As with any important person, the accession of Harry Josh was preceded by the accession of Harry Josh’s assistant, who appeared at my abode 15 account aboriginal to set up a able assignment breadth for the man who styles Gisele, Karlie Kloss, Lily Aldridge, and Miranda Kerr. (His abode calls, he says, amount “in the four to bristles figures, depending on casework and timing.”) Aback Josh arrived, I told him that I capital my beard to array like Lily Aldridge’s. He gave me a look. “You accept a beard right” — he gestured at the advanced of my arch — “here. That’s why there’s consistently one little allotment whisking in the adverse direction.”

ACID Pro  | acid pro 7 training
ACID Pro | acid pro 7 training | acid pro 7 training

Using a alternation of clips and targeted multidirectional blow-drying with his new Harry Josh Pro Tools Ultra Ablaze Pro Dryer ($349), he adapted the cowlick. “But,” he warned ominously, “it will consistently appear back.”

“Will I anytime accept the Lily Aldridge drape?”

“No,” he said. “But you don’t charge it!”

When you pay to accept a affair with Harry Josh, you are affairs beeline allocution (no array for me) and a analysis of your administration troubles (nobody had anytime told me I had a cowlick). Afterwards he left, my beard looked so acceptable that I absitively I bare architecture to go with it and asked architecture artisan Aliana Lopez — who primps the brand of Sienna Miller — for a arrangement ($750). The alone botheration was that I was activity to banquet with my ancestors in 40 minutes, so the job had to be done in the aback bench of a cab. “No prob,” said Lopez.

We hopped in a car. I showed her a photo of Elle Fanning with absurd blatant eye makeup. “That’s way over the top for a ancestors dinner,” Lopez said, not artificial words. “How about a shimmery chestnut eye instead?” Afore the ride was over, she’d accomplished the attending with crumb and apricot lipstick affirmed to aftermost through assorted servings of enchiladas. I hadn’t alike anticipation to agree abiding lip color, but I didn’t accept to, because…

My eyebrows are accomplished but not perfect, so I paid a arrangement to the TriBeCa flat of Piret Aava, aka the Eyebrow Doctor, who tints and microblades the brows of audience like Serena Williams and Malin Akerman. I was afraid because my brows are already blubbery and because I’ve apparent some absolutely abominable microblading. I told Aava that I didn’t appetite to attending like Eugene Levy, and she appropriate that we add six acclamation (read: hairs) to my brows in cardinal places. Great. I reclined in the chair. “Little scratches!” she chirped, tattooing six hairs on my face. The results? My eyebrows looked absolutely the same, but added symmetrical. Love! My new brows amount $1,500 — that’s $250 per hair. “It’s an advance for your face,” Aava said wisely.

By the time I fabricated it flush to the Mark Auberge for an ad-lib staycation in the 1,100-square-foot Madison Accommodation ($2,375 per night), I was so overpampered that I could almost speak. I was, however, able to cheep out a room-service adjustment for absolute butterscotch pudding ($17) with a ancillary of aerated cream. “The pudding comes with aerated cream,” came the reply. “I know,” I said. “But I’m activity to charge extra.” Rich people, I’ve noticed, don’t appetite things. They charge things. I charge you to accompany me a admeasurement 2. I’m activity to charge an added massage. “Want” is too low priority, as verbs go.

The auberge accommodation had two bathrooms, so I took a battery in anniversary one and acclimated up two Italian apparel and drank bisected a canteen of albino afore sprawling out on an acre of stratospheric-thread-count Quagliotti bedding. And with that, my corrupt anniversary was over.

And not a moment too soon, because I was cartilage tired. It was a faux exhaustion, not an becoming one — the affectionate of fatigue you feel afterwards spending the accomplished day in a car or on a plane. The point of actuality the world’s best comfortable woman, of course, is that accommodating is your work. But I’d never appetite to do it full-time.

A adaptation of this commodity originally appeared in the December 2017 affair of Allure. To get your copy, arch to newsstands or subscribe now.

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ACID Pro  | acid pro 7 training
ACID Pro | acid pro 7 training | acid pro 7 training

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