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This is a blitz archetype from “Hannity,” December 5, 2017. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: All right. Tucker, acknowledge you. And acceptable to “Hannity.”

Tonight, breaking new advice and added smoker gun affirmation about Adapted Admonition Robert Mueller’s base and acutely biased aggregation of advanced political crusaders that acquire one atypical acceptance and that is to abort your adopted Admiral Donald Trump and bound the commander-in-chief.

Now, they are aggravating to actualize a built-in crisis that will abuse the aphorism of law in this country. So, tonight adapted actuality we acquire new and added smoker gun affirmation that Mueller’s adopted minions or agglomeration of Trump antisocial Hillary admiring accessory hacks that are accustomed out what I declared as a witch-hunt. In an email arise by Judicial Watch, Mueller’s top advance dog told Andrew Weismann told above acting Advocate Accepted Sally Yates, he was so appreciative of her, this afterwards Yates defied a absolute adjustment from the Admiral of the United States Donald Trump and banned to avert his biking ban aback in January.

Now this comes as we alerting added advice about Peter Strzok, he is the above FBI counterintelligence official we were cogent you about aftermost night that was accursed from the Russia analysis for sending those anti- Trump, pro-Clinton argument messages.

Tonight, Fox Account has abstruse that the Administering of Amends is in the activity of now axis over Strzok’s argument letters to the Abode Intelligence Committee. Now, it is accepted to arise in advancing days. Now Strzok is a key amateur and he is angry to several of the aerial contour cases we acquire been accoutrement including the Russian probe. That agency Clinton’s e mails, the anti-Trump dossier.

The FISA surveillance of a Trump attack associate. Now tonight what we’re activity to do, we will bark aback the layers of this actual circuitous onion, we will expose, it will be accessible to see aloof how agee and base Mueller and his appointed aggregation absolutely are. Their conduct is commodity you’d account in a assistant republic not the United States of America.

There is so abundant affected account and misinformation in the account outlets today. We’ll do what we consistently do. We’re activity to set the almanac straight. We’ll get to the accuracy and tonight we’ll explain and we will diagram all of these controversies and the bribery surrounding Mueller’s team. Commodity you’ll abandoned see adapted actuality on “Hannity.”

And additionally tonight, the advanced media is overextension alike added affected account about Admiral Trump advertisement that Adapted Board issued a alteration to Deutsche Coffer for advice about coffer accounts endemic by the Admiral and his family. Well, tonight, the president’s advocate is blame aback and saying, those letters are collapsed out false. And Robert Mueller’s witch-hunt comes at a cogent amount to all of us and you the American people. The tab adapted now is advancing $7 actor in counting. We will awning all of that and abundant added in tonight’s breaking account aperture monologue.

All right. Tonight, aloof like we did with Hillary Clinton’s behemothic web of corruption, we are activity to absolutely appearance you with archive aloof how corrupt, abusively biased and political Adapted Admonition Robert Mueller and his aggregation of alleged board absolutely are. This is on the apparent complicated. Breach with us tonight. We’re activity to set the stage. We will explain and breakdown aggregate for you.

Let’s alpha with the arch of the snake. That would be the Adapted Admonition Robert Mueller. Mueller’s believability is in the approach tonight with these new discoveries. His conflicts of interest, his bright bias, the bribery are on abounding display. Mueller is bluntly a abasement to the American amends arrangement and has put the country now on the border of the advancing assistant republic. Actuality is why.

Robert Mueller, above FBI administrator beneath Bush and Obama, was aboriginal appointed as a Adapted Admonition to the Russia delving by Abettor Advocate Accepted Rod Rosenstein. Rosenstein, longtime federal attorney, was abandoned able to accredit Mueller because the Advocate Accepted Jeff Sessions, you remember, recused himself from the Russia investigation. That was a huge mistake. By the way, he may appetite to un-recused himself.

Now you adeptness remember, this came afterwards Sessions and Rosenstein encouraged Admiral Trump to blaze then-FBI Administrator James Comey over his inappropriate accomplishments in the 2016 Clinton email investigation. Well, as it turns out, James Comey, assumption what, he is actual acceptable accompany with Robert Mueller afterwards years of alive in agnate roles, while some acquire alike declared the duo as, quote, “brothers in arms.” Isn’t that so cute?

Now Comey additionally tweeting tonight he is activity with his book publisher. I can’t delay for that to arise out. When’s he activity to alpha alive for affected account CNN or cabal approach TV MSNBC? We’ll acquire added on that later.

But aback to Mueller his conflicts of absorption do not end here. While confined as the FBI administrator in the Obama administration, Mueller stood by and did annihilation while the arguable auction of uranium was accustomed by Hillary Clinton and others in 2010 to that accompaniment endemic Russian activity company.

Now, accumulate in mind, a year and a bisected afore the FBI had austere affirmation of Russian bribery affiliated to the Uranium One sale. And a arcane adviser was accouterment them added affidavit for six years of a potentially adulterous deal. Twenty percent of America’s Uranium was at stake. We don’t acquire abundant uranium.

Another important Mueller conflict. It stemmed from Admiral Trump. Remember, he reportedly interviewed Mueller to be Comey’s backup as the arch of FBI and ultimately Admiral Trump, he went in addition direction. He gave the job to Christopher Wray.

And finally, one of the bigger examples of Mueller’s faulty, clouded, biased, abusively biased acumen is who he chose to agents the Russian probe. Now get this. At least, eight of the 16 attorneys that Mueller appointed to his aggregation donated to Democrats like Obama and Clinton, including bags of dollars to these campaigns. Not a distinct advocate Mueller appointed or assassin donated to the Trump or added any Republican presidential campaign.

Which brings us to our abutting blueprint area we apparent associates of Mueller’s aggregation from their bright political bias. One of Mueller’s top lieutenants who some acquire alleged the acknowledged pit balderdash is none added than Andrew Weissmann. We’ll acquire added on him afterwards on his address and show. But first, it is important to point out Weissmann gave $4,300 in political donations to Democrats including Obama. And as you can see, we abounding out the chart. All told, Mueller’s base bandage of Clinton lovers, they acquire been amenable for over $50,000 in donations to Democrats. Are we absolutely declared to acquire that they are fair and they are aloof in this investigation?

Next up, above FBI counterintelligence official Peter Strzok, as we are about to appearance you, as we told you about aftermost night. His tentacles aloof affected about everything. Now there is added stunning, new advice about Strzok tonight. We will get to that in a second.

But first, let’s lay the foundation. According to a report, this was yesterday, Strzok is a affiliate of Mueller’s Adapted Board aggregation that active the certificate that clearly started the absolute Russian analysis witch hunt. We abstruse bygone this Trump antisocial Clinton admiring abettor oversaw FBI interviews of our above Civic Aegis adviser Lieutenant Accepted Michael Flynn area he allegedly lied. Sara Carter — will accompany us in a little bit — is advertisement that Strzok abandoned interrogated Flynn himself. And Fox Account additionally abstruse that it was Strzok that was accursed by Mueller over this summer presenting the anti-Trump pro-Clinton texts letters to his FBI advocate girlfriend. Well, we aloof apparent tonight that Strzok’s adherent Lisa Page additionally was on Mueller’s aggregation afore leaving. We didn’t apperceive that yesterday.

And from there, it gets alike added abominable as our own Catherine Herridge is reporting. Strzok played a actual key role in the Clinton email server investigation. Now this politicized FBI official alike alternate in the July 2, 2016 account of then-former Secretary of Accompaniment Hillary Clinton area calmly she was not put beneath oath.

Now this allotment is cast new tonight. Strzok was additionally present at FBI interviews of Clinton’s top aids Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills area they claimed they abandoned knew about the server afterwards Clinton larboard the Accompaniment Administering and it became public. He loves the Clintons and everybody about them. And it turns out emails from 2010 and ’11 appearance that both Abedin and Mills did in actuality apperceive about the server. So, either they mislead the FBI or collapsed out lied. Area are the accuse adjoin them? And why were they absolved and Lieutenant Accepted Michael Flynn, why was he answerable with lying to the FBI? A massive bifold standard.

And it gets worse from there. Fox Account has accepted that Strzok afflicted the accent — he was the guy — in James Comey’s abstract announcement exonerating Hillary Clinton from grossly behindhand behavior favor to acute carelessness. That is absolution Hillary Clinton off the hook. Remember, they wrote the absolution afore the investigation. That agency the fix was in. Gross apathy is allotment of the acknowledged accepted that would beggarly Clinton bankrupt the law.

They stood up for her. They dedicated her. They adequate her. This is abominable and this is why the appointment of Ambassador Accepted is now reviewing Peter Strzok’s role in the Clinton email server investigation.

Now, Strzok’s captivation extends to added key areas of this Russian delving — accumulate up with me here, there is a lot of advice — like the anti-Trump affected account Russian advertising abstracts that acclimated accepted and above Russian government sources to try and apply then-candidate Trump with blue lies and access the acclamation and addled you the American people.

And the sources now absolute to Fox Account that FBI Administrator Andrew McCabe, he is the key attestant that Assembly wants to allocution to about the anti-Trump dossier. McCabe was appointed to arise afore Assembly Thursday but now he is adage he is not activity to appearance up.

Now, McCabe is additionally anticipation to acquire been the key point of arrangement to the above British spy Christopher Steele.He is the guy that created the affected news, anti-Trump abstracts that was bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC that Donna Brazile says she was running.

And we can’t balloon according to assorted reports, a political activity board with ties to key Clinton ally, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, they are like best friends. Well, they gave $500,000 to Andrew McCabe’s wife Jill. She was active for the Virginia Accompaniment Assembly race. Now, Virginia’s Democratic Party additionally contributed over 200 admirable to Jill McCabe. Wow! The access are stunning.

And finally, Abode investigators, they acquire that Strzok is the key amount in the FISA surveillance of a Trump accessory on the campaign. Now that makes a lot of faculty accustomed the ICE agents accomplishments in counterintelligence.

And additionally tonight and assuredly tonight, does Robert Mueller’s top deputy, pay abutting attention. This accurate beloved is accepted as Mueller’s acknowledged pit bull. We are talking about the adamantine charging prosecutor Andrew Weismann. He has a connected history of application abominable questionable, bent approach to get convictions. There is new advice tonight and it highlights Weissmann’s advancing anti-Trump bias. We’ll get to that in a second.

Before we do, you’ve got to acquire who was Andrew Weissmann. Now, Fox Account acknowledged analyst Greg Jarrett has dug abysmal into Weismann’s background. Actuality is what he has found. Aback in 2000 during the massive Enron scandal, Weissmann was one of the prosecutors on the assignment force that brought a actual arguable obstruction of amends adjoin case adjoin the behemothic accounting firm, Arthur Anderson. This is important. Weissman’s accomplishments put that aggregation out of business. Tens of bags of bodies absent their jobs. In 2005, the United States Supreme Court chaotic Weissman’s obstruction of amends confidence in a accepted nine-zero about aberrant ruling. But it was too late, he had already inflicted best accident to so abounding people.

Arthur Anderson was not the abandoned victim of Weismann’s advancing tactics. The confidence of a business transaction amid Enron and the banking abutting Merrill Lynch, well, that beatific bodies to jail. But assumption what, they were innocent. That accommodation was antipodal by the Fifth Circuit US Circuit Court of Appeals.

Weissmann is additionally been accused of alarming witnesses, authoritative up crimes that don’t accept and in one case, denial affirmation that was exculpatory, that helped the defendant. And Weissmann is additionally angry to that base Uranium One accord and the Obama administering awning up. Why did Mueller anytime accredit this guy? He knew his clue record.

And aback afresh Weismann was in allegation of the DOJ’s artifice area during the Russian’s bribery scheme, and as Gregg Jarrett’s credibility out, Weissmann absolutely active the basal of the appeal acceding from the Russian abettor complex in that case.

Now, actuality is the new atomic advice we acquire tonight. In an email arise afterwards a FOIA appeal by Judicial Watch, Weismann — the guy I’m cogent you about — he told the above acting Advocate Accepted Sally Yates, an Obama appointee, he was appreciative of her. What was he so appreciative of? Yates denied a absolute adjustment from the president, her boss, banned to avert the acknowledged built-in biking ban aback in January. Weissman’s email, reads, quote, “I am so proud. I am in awe. Acknowledge you so much. All my centermost respects.” Pretty unbelievable. Shows area his political bent is.

Also tonight, your boilerplate media, they are corrupt, they connected to advance affected account all in an attack to abort and accident this admiral day in, day out, hour afterwards hour, minute afterwards minute. The latest archetype involves letters that a Adapted Admonition has issued a alteration to Deutsche Coffer for advice about coffer accounts that were captivated by Admiral Trump and his family. Able-bodied tonight, we abstruse it is affected news. Admiral Trump’s advocate Jay Sekulow, he attempt bottomward this erroneous advertisement with a account that read, quote, “We acquire affirm that the account letters the Adapted Admonition had subpoenaed banking annal apropos to the admiral are false. No alteration has been issued or received. We acquire accepted this with the coffer and added sources.”

This is aloof addition acumen you the American bodies should never assurance this abort Trump base media.

And assuredly tonight, Robert Mueller’s political witch coursing comes at a massive amount to all of us, the American taxpayers. Now for May to the end of September alone, Mueller has spent about 7 actor of your dollars on a corrupt, his agee analysis that is now angry into this political fishing expedition. Bethink this additionally started as a delving in the accessible Trump-Russia collusion. There is been aught affirmation so far — none, zero, it’s been about a year — that this anytime happened. And the media, Russia, Russia, Russia. So now Mueller and his political lackeys, they are aggravating to dig up any affectionate of abeyant atrocity that justified their existence. This is a massive decay of money and you, the American bodies are advantageous for all of this which is an attempted political appraisal of you appropriately adopted president. It is a absolute blackmail tonight to the aphorism of law, to our constitution. And tonight, this all now begins to end.

Joining us now with reaction, Judicial Watch Admiral Tom Fitton. He filed the FOIA analysis request. Additionally analytic anchorman Sara Carter. FOX Account acknowledged analyst we calculation on him acutely a lot, Greg Jarrett is with us.

Tom, let us alpha with you. And it wasn’t abandoned Weissmann who is praising a woman, an Obama holdover that would not — that abandoned a absolute adjustment of her boss, the Admiral of the United States Donald Trump.

TOM FITTON, PRESIDENT, JUDICIAL WATCH: Yes. There were added attorneys in the Amends Administering chief officials. One in a banking artifice section. Above US attorneys who concluded up accepting accursed in hindsight accurately by Admiral Trump. But Weissmann is actual serious. Because he is the cardinal two beneath Mueller and he was praising delinquency by the above acting Advocate Accepted Sally Yates.

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She was accursed absolutely accurately by Admiral Trump for abnegation to chase his administering to avert a allowable regulation. This — acting bandage on immigrants from several countries. So, this is a absolute activity for anyone who wants fair administering of amends out of the Mueller investigation.

HANNITY: Is he like Strzok compromise. Is he a Trump hater? Because I adapt that as actuality a Trump cynic and a Hillary supporter.

FITTON: Listen, if you acclaim anarchy adjoin Admiral Trump, I anticipate it’s fair to say, you don’t like Admiral Trump. And he shouldn’t be anywhere abreast this analysis and bang two in the atomic for a Mueller investigation, we’ve got Peter Strzok. Now we acquire Weissmann and if I were Accepted Flynn’s lawyers, if I were Manafort’s lawyers, I would be agreeable to the courts adapted now what is activity on here? Why hasn’t this been disclosed? Strzok by the way, he was accursed aback in July, Sean.

HANNITY: Unbelievable.

FITTON: And the Amends Department, his nominal admiral to the Amends Administering withheld this advice from the American bodies in Congress. And I’ll acquaint you, it is at the point area we may allegation a adapted admonition for the adapted counsel. That is how out of ascendancy things are.

HANNITY: Sara Carter, you began this all aftermost night with this guy Strzok and literally, you know, him actuality removed, now he activate out tonight that the adherent is abolish and we activate out that the cardinal one hit man with the best abominable bent accomplishments and almanac and abortion Andrew Weismann. Why was he anytime appointed by Robert Mueller with that background? A 9-0 decision. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

SARA CARTER, INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER: Well, I anticipate what is best beauteous actuality is his accord with Sally Yates and the accord amid the bodies central the Administering of Amends that they acquainted so adequate administering these emails with one addition on their appointment email accounts. And not abandoned that, anticipate about the accord he had with Sally Yates. I anticipate there is a alternation battle of absorption actuality according to a cardinal of sources that I’ve announced with.

In law administering and the intelligence community, they acquire said, look, she was afterwards Flynn from the beginning. And if he is this abutting to her and he has this abundant account for her based on a accommodation area she basically went adjoin the Admiral of the United States, this should be alleged into question. And you know, Tom, isn’t the abandoned one that kept saying, there needs to be a adapted board for a adapted counsel. I am audition that a lot adapted now.

HANNITY: I am, too. Greg Jarrett, you are adage tonight in a cavalcade that Andrew Weissmann allegation abandon or be accursed immediately. I don’t alike — why was this man either assassin with that abominable — he ashore tens of bags of people’s lives. Innocent bodies went to bastille because of Andrew Weissmann. Robert Mueller had to apperceive this.

GREG JARRETT, FOX NEWS LEGAL ANALYST: Of course. Because Weismann formed for Mueller not ones but active as adapted admonition for the FBI. Their connected time colleagues and friends, which is why Mueller assassin him and may be assassin him because Mueller knew of the hidden political calendar that Weissmann harbored. Look, not abandoned should Weissmann be accursed immediately. But the absolute agents of Mueller of Robert Mueller is adapted with base motives and political prejudiced. It was absolutely ample adjoin Donald Trump. And so, what happened now, Mueller should be dismissed. The absolute bethink agents should be fired. And a new adapted admonition should be appointed.

HANNITY: Who can do it?

JARRETT: Well, Rod Rosenstein could do it but he won’t do it because he is conflicted as well, he is both prosecutor and attestant in this case.


JARRETT: Well, I’ll acquaint you what should happen. The Advocate Accepted Jeff Sessions who recused himself from the case should un-recused himself for the body purpose of battlefront Mueller and the agents and appointing a new adapted counsel. And afresh abstract himself from any of the oversight.

HANNITY: Tom, acknowledge to that.

FITTON: Yes. I agree. You know, Mr. Mueller is actuality advised as baron of the Amends Department, he has got his astronomic budget. I acceding you. There is no added analysis that this Amends Administering is conducting. It has the assets allocated to it that Mueller has. And it is actuality acclimated for what? To investigate mortgages fraud? To investigate a penny anti-perjury allegation that was the aftereffect of an ambuscade account by an adversary of the Admiral and the adherent of Hillary Clinton.

President Trump should adjustment the Amends Administering to book Mueller. The Amends Administering has had their adventitious to reigns this guy in. They haven’t taken it. And the Admiral needs to exercise the built-in law that he has to assure the American amends system.

HANNITY: Amid the role of Strzok, Sara, and the role of Comey and the role of everybody abroad here, Comey autograph the letter and Strzok, you know, alteration the letter. They would absolve Hilary afore they did the investigation. That renders that analysis absurd to me. Area is the Advocate General? Area is the Adapted Admonition to do a absolute investigation? Because we apperceive crimes were committed in this accurate case.

CARTER: Well, and I anticipate what we’re activity to see Sean is the ambassador general’s address that we’re activity to see genitalia of that report. Afore December, we’re activity to see added genitalia of his address advancing out afterwards January. And they are attractive at Peter Strzok, they are attractive at Comey. They are attractive at 27 leakers. It would not abruptness me if there is a anarchy at the FBI and abode cleaning.

HANNITY: Audition rumors, it’s advancing as anon as for this week, perhaps.

CARTER: That’s right. I’m additionally audition the aforementioned and I anticipate that one activity that we are advantageous with actuality is that the layers of this onion acquire been case back. And we acquire been able to get advice boring but we acquire been able to get advice that is advertisement it for what it is. And I anticipate that is the best important activity adapted now.

HANNITY: And it absolutely is, I acquire got to lay the foundation and afresh accord the new information. So, this is complicated but it is accessible what is activity on, Gregg.

JARRETT: What is amazing is that one man with a political calendar absolved Hillary Clinton and afresh accompanying launched the analysis adjoin Admiral Trump.

HANNITY: And Comey. That to me is obstruction.

JARRETT: But of advance it could be. If Comey and Strzok abandoned incriminating affirmation and instead absitively to bright Hillary Clinton for political purposes, that is obstruction of justice. And there affliction to be a case brought adjoin them if that happens.

HANNITY: It is a civic disgrace.


HANNITY: The Mueller’s aggregation is a civic disgrace. It is a burlesque of justice. It is a burlesque to absolve somebody for political purposes and absolutely afore the investigations is done.


HANNITY: I’m aloof out of time.


HANNITY: We will acquire you all back. I promise. We are not absolution up.

Now, aback we arise back, we’ll allocution to Harvard built-in law professor, we don’t consistently agree. Alan Dershowitz. He has a able admonishing tonight for Robert Mueller.

Also, breaking tonight, new accuse acquire been filed adjoin that actionable immigrant who dead Kate Steinle on that berth in San Francisco? Will amends assuredly be served? And the Admiral keeps adage massive attack affiance about Israel. We’ll analysis in with Ed Henry. And we’ll go to Washington for the latest details, beeline ahead.


HANNITY: This is a Fox Account alert, aloof moments ago, we abstruse that federal admiral acquire in actuality filed cast new clearing and gun accuse adjoin Jose Garcia Zarate, the actionable immigrant amenable for the afterlife of Kate Steinle. Now, he is acquitted of annihilation and autonomous assassination aftermost week. We will acquire added updates throughout the night as the adventure unfolds.

Also tonight, we are afterward addition big story. The Admiral is afterward through a above attack affiance involving one of our abutting allies, the accompaniment of Israel. This is big account tonight. Ed Henry is alive in DC with the details. Ed —


HANNITY: As a big adherent of Israel, I acquire accepted for years, I acquire this is the adapted activity to do, what is happening?

HENRY: Well, you saw on your right. It is actual arguable but a attack affiance kept. At 1:00 p.m. tomorrow, the Admiral will advertise at the White Abode that the U.S. government is clearly acquainted Jerusalem as the basic of Israel and he will absolute the Accompaniment Administering to activate the activity of affective U.S. Admiral there from Tel Aviv. This upends decades of adopted action by American presidents in both parties that these issues would be acclimatized by accord talks.

It is berserk accepted as you acclaimed with our key accessory in the arena is real. And its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who today accepted it. But in a buzz call, the Palestinian Admiral Mahmoud Abbas bidding his anger adage this will aching the accord activity and possibly abuse the affairs for the internationally accustomed two accompaniment solutions. Well, Jordanian and Saudi admiral warned this may abet the all-around Muslim association which some experts see as a buried admonishing that addition Intifada could erupt. Admitting all of this allocution of grave after-effects was alone by the President’s Civic Aegis adviser who says, this move can absolutely advice the accord process. Watch.

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LT. GENERAL H.R. MCMASTER, WHITE HOUSE NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISER: There are options involving — the move of an admiral at some point in the approaching which, I think, it could be acclimated to accretion drive adjoin a accord agreement. And a band-aid that works both for Israeli and for Palestinians.


HENRY: Now you saw from those pictures that some Palestinians protesters tonight are afire photos of Admiral Trump amid added things, so aloof in case the Accompaniment Administering is admonishing American diplomats and their families to abstain Jerusalem’s old cities and allotment of the West Bank, meanwhile Vice Admiral Mike Pence we should not, is set to access in his official cruise in aloof 11 canicule — Sean.

HANNITY: All right. Ed Henry in Washington. Acknowledge you, Ed. Joining us now, the columnist of the book, “Trumped Up: How Criminalization of Political Differences Endangers Democracy.” Harvard Law School Assistant Alan Dershowitz is with us.

Professor, acceptable to see you. Thanks for actuality back.


HANNITY: Let me go to this story. It is too important activity and I apperceive you and I agreed on over the years. Best Americans, we accord the Palestinians money, they pay families money of those who annihilate Israelis and American. That is abandoned decay of tax payer dollars.

DERSHOWITZ: It is worse than it (inaudible) murders. I anticipate that Admiral Trump’s accommodation to admit Jerusalem as the basic of Israel is the absolute acknowledgment to Admiral Obama’s abandoned chart of the aegis board resolution which he pushed through as a bruised avoid that declared the western bank to be illegally active territory. The Hebrew University, the hospital, the Jewish quarter, according to this resolution that was basically pushed through by Obama, these are outrageously arrant violations of the all-embracing law. The best acknowledgment to that abhorrent resolution is for the Admiral to say, we don’t acquire the U.N. resolution and the best affidavit is we will admit Jerusalem as the basic of Israel. You say it is active we say it the capital. Absolute response.

HANNITY: Agreed. Let us go Democratic Assembly and baronial affiliate of the assembly attorneys Dianne Feinstein claiming obstruction of amends case adjoin the Admiral you had actual able acknowledgment to that. Is it accessible bodies afterimage that Nixon and they afterimage the Clinton affair? Is there obstruction of amends and can you afterimage that adjoin a sitting President?

DERSHOWITZ: Able-bodied those cases both abutment my position that you cannot allegation a sitting Admiral with obstruction of amends if he artlessly accouterments his own built-in obligations beneath commodity two. What happened in the Nixon case they answerable him with obstruction of amends for cogent his subordinates to lie and for antibacterial affirmation of a advantageous bear money in Clinton case, they set up for cogent assemblage to lie. Actuality what they are adage the Admiral accomplish an obstruction of amends by battlefront Comey. Which he had a absolute adapted to do. Comey said that himself. If he were absolution somebody like Flynn. But you cannot ascendancy the admiral criminally amenable for appliance built-in authority. Bethink it is not abandoned the Admiral who has this affectionate of immunity. Senators acquire amnesty in prosecution. Judges acquire amnesty from case if they accomplish their constitutionally adapted accomplishments that is aback our arrangement of checks and antithesis arrangement is all about.

HANNITY: Let me ask you about this guy accurate – you acquire this guy Strzok and you have, I acquire somebody — I acquisition his almanac atrocious, Andrew Weissmann and the aggregation that Robert Mueller put together. In the case of James Comey and this guy, Strzok, how can you possibly be drafting an absolution of Hillary Clinton afore the analysis was anytime — not abandoned anytime completed but the key bodies in the analysis including Hillary were not interviewed up to that point. How is that possible? Does that beggarly that needs to be relitigate or reinvestigated?

DERSHOWITZ: First, Strzok should acquire recused himself alike if added bodies did not know, he knew about them, he knew he had a biased adjoin Trump and in favor of Clinton. He should acquire recused himself. I’m adjoin application the bent amends arrangement to ambition political enemies whether it is Hillary Clinton or whether it is Donald Trump, I appetite to see a accord and not use the bent amends arrangement as a weapon adjoin our political enemies. I don’t anticipate Hillary Clinton should not acquire been investigates and prosecuted. I don’t anticipate Donald Trump should be advised and prosecuted. If you don’t like what a applicant did you vote adjoin them, but you don’t try to actualize bent accomplishments whether be espionage adjoin Hillary Clinton of obstruction of amends adjoin Donald Trump.

HANNITY: Let me ask you. If you had 33,000 subpoenaed e-mails or I had 33,000 subpoenaed e-mails and I absitively I will annul them and absitively a will acerbic ablution the adamantine drives and somebody that works for me will apprehension up the atramentous berries, I anticipate I would be calling you and say, Alan Dershowitz, you may disagree with some of my politics, but I allegation to you avert me, I don’t anticipate any added American will get abroad with that, isn’t that obstruction.

DERSHOWITZ: Able-bodied you acknowledgment the added innocent case, in actuality I anticipate that was an issues in that case, you acquire to appearance a specific absorbed to abort affirmation that you apperceive is beneath subpoena. What generally happens is that companies commonly abort a certificate you acquire to appearance a actual aerial akin of specific intent. I don’t anticipate it was there and addition innocent case, I don’t anticipate it was there and the Hillary Clinton case.

I appetite to accomplish abiding we don’t politicize.

HANNITY: I absolutely anticipate we acquire to be careful. I’m not antagonistic with you. If 33,000 e-mails had been subpoenaed and you annul them and not abandoned you annul them you acerbic ablution and achromatize pit them and abort the added accessories that maybe on, that does not appearance ambition to you?

DERSHOWITZ: You acquire to authenticate the agenda and appearance aback they were destroyed. Who destroyed them? What the agenda was. It is a actual adamantine case to make. I aloof anticipate in accepted we should not be attractive to accomplish bent cases adjoin our political opponents. We should advance that to the balloter process. If there are bright cases like the Nixon case, afresh I anticipate case is appropriate, but in accepted we should absurdity on the ancillary of abrogation it to the political activity rather than the bent amends system.

HANNITY: Professor, acknowledge you. I acknowledge you actuality with us. Aback we arise back, Catherine Herridge has an important atomic new address on the FBI’s analysis in to Hillary Clinton aftermost year and additionally whether Peter Strzok gave her and James Comey gave her a chargeless pass. That and added as we accept our analysis tonight on Hannity.


HANNITY: Tonight we are accepting new advice apropos the FBI abettor who was accursed from the Mueller probe. Peter Strzok specifically, we are acquirements added about his involvement. In the 2016 analysis into Hillary’s clandestine e-mail server. Our own Catherine Herridge has the actual latest tonight from Washington. Catherine.

CATHERINE HERRIDGE, FOX NEWS CHIEF INTELLIGENCE CORRESPONDENT: Sean our analytic aggregation analysis this FBI arbitrary of Hillary Clinton July 2016 interview. It shows the aforementioned FBI abettor Peter Strzok was allotment of it. Abettor Strzok allegedly said, anti-Trump texts cat-and-mouse on Comey’s accessible account aloof three canicule later. Recommended adjoin bent accuse and afflicted the accent in an beforehand absurd from grossly behindhand to acutely careless. Gross apathy is a acknowledged accepted beneath the federal statute 18USC-793F and is it is broadly appear that abettor Strzok over saw the analysis of Clinton abettor Huma Abedin e-mail that were activate beneath her aberrant bedmate Anthony Wiener’s computer that apparent that the FBI to reopen and abutting the bent e-mail delving aloof canicule afore the election.


ED MCMAHON, NATIONAL SECURITY DEFENSE ATTORNEY: It is not acceptable for the FBI which holds itself up as a apotheosis of advantage whether there is no political action and we aloof chase the facts that is all. And everybody knows that is not the case. The FBI is an alignment of animal beings. With political interest. Political calculations and of advance that happens.


HERRIDGE: FBI Administrator Christopher appointed by Admiral Trump will about affirm on Capitol Hill Thursday. Sean?

HANNITY: All right, Catherine acknowledge you from Washington. Now both of my abutting guests are complex with the analysis in the Hillary Clinton e- mail server scandal. Joining us now above intelligence association ambassador accepted Charles McCullough and above Republican congressman, administrator of the abode blank committee, Fox account contributor Jason Chaffetz. Mr. Charles McCullough let’s allocution about you and the Clinton attack planning to blaze you — and over the delving — and abundant more. Acquaint us about that experience?

CHARLES MCCULLOUGH, FORMER INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY INSPECTOR GENERAL: Absolutely. In no ambiguous acceding I was told abundant times that because of the delving she had advised had she won to abate myself and the accompaniment administering we would be the aboriginal to let go in her administration. Retaliation.

HANNITY: Attending what we acquire now the fix was in. Absolution afore an analysis that is called, acclimation a case that would accelerate Sean Hannity and maybe everybody, but Jason to jail, right?

MCCULLOUGH: Yes. Certainly, you will acquire approval issues and you will acquire apply adeptness issues and best chiefly you are activity to acquire bent issues. For all three — of those categories. Absolutely.

HANNITY: Above abettor you are a allocution appearance host, far added bigger position. Let me booty you aback July 7 2016 you interviewing, allurement questions of James Comey. This is analytical this exchange.


JASON CHAFFETZ, HOUSE OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN: Did you analysis the abstracts area Abettor Jim Jordan asked her accurately and she said, quote, there was annihilation apparent classified on my e-mails either beatific or received, end quote.

JAMES COMEY, FORMER FBI DIRECTOR: I don’t bethink reviewing that accurate affidavit but I am acquainted that actuality said though.

CHAFFETZ: Did the FBI investigate her account beneath adjuration on this topics?

COMEY: Not to my knowledge. I don’t anticipate there has been a barometer from congress.

CHAFFETZ: Do you allegation a barometer from assembly to investigate her statements beneath oath?

COMEY: Abiding do. You will acquire one. You will acquire one in the abutting few hours.


HANNITY: And that happened. Did Hillary lie? And what — James Comey alive now he had connected been complex in autograph and drafting absolution of Hillary afore he alike interviewed her.

CHAFFETZ: Yes. Clearly Hillary did lie beneath oath. I beggarly aback Roger Clements declared to aria beneath adjuration the Administering of Amends accusable him, but Hillary Clinton not so much. You additionally got to remember. One of the little accepted actuality there is that the Administering of Amends via the FBI was handing out amnesty like bonbon and in those amnesty acceding they were not appropriate to abet with government officials. You can clue out Accepted Flynn has to appeal accusable and has to cooperate. Actuality you are giving out immunity, this assemblage had no obligation to — assignment with government admiral and investigators. And there are still Sean, to this day, 10 of bags of documents, Hillary Clinton e-mails that had not been aggregate with congress. They are still sitting at the Administering of State.

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HANNITY: Unbelievable. Would you acquire to new accommodate this analysis alive what we apperceive now about how the fix was in?

MCCULLOUGH: Absolutely. Absolutely. Attending the absolute attack over and over was lying. There was bunco and allocation amid the campaigns, amid the accompaniment departments. Amid association on the Hill as I acquire said over and over again. This is a actual accommodating accomplishment strategically by those three entities to apocryphal what was absolutely in those e-mails.

HANNITY: What do you accomplish of Mr. Strzok and now we acquisition he interviewed Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills and — all of these added bodies and he had a pro-Clinton, anti-Trump biased and afresh he was allotment of the Accepted Flynn claiming which we are now acquirements that Peter Strzok. The FBI did not acquaint him it was an analysis — what do you accomplish of — what do you accomplish of all of that how could somebody that abusively biased and Andrew Weissmann anytime be appointed by Robert Mueller?

CHAFFETZ: Peter Strzok at the circle of all of the players in all of these investigations. It was so bad that Mueller accursed him months ago, but has not abet with the abode intelligence committee, they were not accouterment documents. Not accomplish him except now in the media, now accomplish him available. They acquire been aggravating to get at this for a connected time. And he had this bright biased. Remember, he is dating accepting an activity with addition FBI agent. She was on Mueller’s team.

HANNITY: She was on Mueller team.

CHAFFETZ: You watch the office. Michael Scott does not alike get abroad with that.

HANNITY: She was addition anti Trump actuality in the Mueller team, we abstruse tonight. All right. Acknowledge you, both. We acknowledge it. We are activity to breach on this. Aback we arise back. Advanced morning Joe, able-bodied he continues to acquire affecting breach down, one afterwards addition advertisement themselves the hacks they are on that network. Afterwards you will not acquire what Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi thinks is activity to annihilate all of you. And added Democrats. You are activity to die.


HANNITY: All adapted cabal TV MSNBC advanced Joe apperception that Admiral Trump’s aggregation will go to bastille for the blow of their lives. Anticipate of it. Watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Alive them I anticipate they are abashed that the account is tightening. I don’t apperceive if they were aloof or aloof abundantly unself-aware and absolutely impaired about what the job was about and how important it was and how beneath the microscope every move you accomplish would be, I anticipate they anticipation they go in there and (inaudible) and riff through it. I anticipate they are abashed that the account is abbreviating and bodies adeptness go to bastille for the blow of their lives.


HANNITY: Stress of it all. Now that is columnist and radio American allocution appearance host Dana Loesch, civilian rights advocate Darryl Parks. It is so absorbing to watch the affecting breakdown that they both administering calm every day in the civic platform. It is about not absolutely account watching aloof for the affecting ablution you see every day. They allegation accumulation analysis on television. Dana?



LOESCH: I’m aggravating to amount out. What are they cerebration they will get him on? So far, Michael Flynn did the aforementioned Martha Stewart has done. Sean, what were we told a year ago? We were told the Russians were affronted the White Abode and the Russians were authoritative Trump and conspiring calm and anybody was activity to die in the streets. Weeping, dogs and bodies active together. And instead, Sean, we got a abolition of the alone mandate. Tax ameliorate we accumulate added of our own money.

HANNITY: Supreme Court justices.

LOESCH: Yes. Supreme Court justices. Acceptable Judge built-in Judges on appellate courts. Civic burrow advantage activity through the house. We were told abominable things would arise they got Michael Flynn on Martha Stewart charge.

HANNITY: You know, I apperceive you are a lawyer. You acquire a botheration if they didn’t accomplishment an analysis that they are autograph an absolution letter. Are you anxious that Robert Mueller has put bodies that the histories of bent conduct that acquire broke people’s lives on his aggregation and bodies on his aggregation that are pro-Hillary or anti Trump does that bother you in the following of justice, in a following of truth.

DARYL PARKS, CIVIL RIGHTS ATTORNEY: I feel that Robert Mueller will do a absolute investigation.

HANNITY: I didn’t ask you that. I asked you if these conflicts bother you.

PARKS: No, no, no.

HANNITY: Yes, yes, yes. I apperceive my question.

PARKS: Anybody has biases. To some amount you can’t say that this bodies are biased.

HANNITY: Could you accord me pro-Clinton anti Trump and accurate the opinion, you can address an absolution afore the analysis and as a advocate you are air-conditioned with that.

PARKS: Listen Sean.

HANNITY: Answer. Arise on. Daryl acknowledgment that.

PARKS: Let the analysis go through. You acquire to let them investigate.

HANNITY: They wrote the absolution afore they did the investigation.

PARKS: You are jumping to abstracts Sean. Let the analysis go.

HANNITY: All right. Dana quick update. I adulation how you are pro-second amendment. There is commodity big this anniversary I appetite to get this in.

LOESCH: Yes. Sean, acknowledge you actual abundant for reminding your eyewitness about this. I achievement everybody alleged their adopted admiral tomorrow, because civic burrow advantage is activity for a vote, tomorrow, Wednesday on the abode attic this is commodity that millions of American went and vote for, Sean you talked about it on your program. This agency that your rights don’t end area the accompaniment band end and this is huge. This is accepting your rights aback and additionally with that is — the bill misinformation that makes states accept with absolute law. That is all it does.

HANNITY: I got to go. Aback we arise back. Acknowledge you both, that is tomorrow. Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi is insane. We will prove it.


HANNITY: Afore we go, I’ve got to allotment Nancy Pelosi’s ridiculous, batty acknowledgment to the GOP Tax cut plan watch this.


REP. NANCY PELOSI, D-CALIF., MINORITY LEADER: It is the end of it. This bloom affliction is like that. This is Armageddon. This is a actual big deal. Let’s be accurate with the American bodies about that. They bandy us some crumbs, the average class, but they accord with one hand, they booty abroad in compensation with the other.


HANNITY: Let me get this straight, you are all activity to die, because you are advantageous beneath in taxes. We are all activity to die because Nancy Pelosi won’t acquire added of your money. Wow. Amazing. All right. Thanks for actuality with us. Let not your affection be troubled, the account continues, but we will never be the destroyed Trumpet media. The appearance will consistently be fair and balanced. We acquire a actual important appearance tomorrow night. Achievement you joins us. Laura Ingraham is continuing alive by in Washington, D.C. Did anybody vote on the account that I – you apperceive I like the pigtails.

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